Sunday, February 22, 2009

No more posts?

There isn't any more motivation to keep the blog updated with new posts anymore. A big thank you to all who linked thier blogs to tucksombong and to those who still check back once in a while although I don't think there are any.

I've removed the tagboard so I don't get anymore annoying emails that they are going to remove it.

Perhaps, in future, this blog might be filled with post again!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

To the mountains of Perth where its nobody's business but ours.

I know you've loved the times when we were in Perth; I hope its as lovely as Perth wherever you are. Look far and keep on walking, and we might just meet someday again.

Friday, August 01, 2008


You took me in when i was at lowest point in my life. You never failed to bring a smile to my face when you were around, the teller of endless jokes, the master of witty dialogue, the procurer of obscure yet horrendously funny you-tube videos, the baker of wonderful delicacies. How can we forget the Creme Brulee at Li's party, or that wonderful chocolate cake you did at mine? Small little actions that meant so much, that spoke volumes. You were always there with a smile on your face, that irreplacable grin that never failed to arrive to brighten up our day. Nobody stayed sad around you for long bro. You were always looking out for us in lectures, desperately trying to keep me awake with your tidbits. I'll miss so much about you dude, I'll miss the impersonations you did, the laughter, the support you gave, always the first to leap forward when help was needed, the spark that drives the darkest days away. Bobo, you'll be dearly missed.

Bro this song's for you. We sang it together once before, and I know you can sing this one well and it sums up how I feel right about now. Here's to you my friend. Rest well.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Rarely blog here but just wanted to say that.

I had thought thru the days that we had spent together.

From the very first day.

Till the days that had just zoomed past so fast.

And till today.

It is a big big 遗憾 that we are not able to be together on that day when we treat each other to 鼎太丰 at the best one in taiwan.

And it was just too bad for us that I did not get the chance to get married on my 22nd bdae.

And the glow in our eyes when we found 摩登如来神掌 vcd in an ulu shop in heartland mall with andy lau sitting on the satellite dish chu power..

And how you wld alws sing ai bia jia eh ya, 天意, and made me sing 飘移 so that you can do the rummmm..ruummmmm... sound effects.

And the pledge that we made not to join the dark side with our NBIWNCC.

And I still remember the days that all the guys will always 抱抱 together.

Thanks for all the memories, the days together and your friendship.

Cry alot doesnt save the day.

Laugh alot doesnt mean you are happy.

I just hope that you were at ease in mind.

如果说一切都是天意, 一切都是命运, 终究已注定。
是否能再多爱一天, 能再多看一眼, 伤会少一点。

Yang =)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


To my dear friend who wanted to slam the photocopying machine on my hands, who wanted to become a spine surgeon so he could fix my back because I love sports cars and may get a chance to drive them, who wanted to paint my car pink, who wanted to pour concrete over my garden, who wanted to buy me a packet of gravel every year for my birthday till the day I buy my house with a gravel road, who wanted to see my future wife henpeck on me, who wanted to high-five each other everyday in the OT when we become surgeons, who wanted to see Dr Wong send his students into the OT just to show either him or me the shit on the gloves after PR-ing a patient, who wanted to once again travel to the mountains of Perth where its nobody's business but ours, who wanted to go out to sea together using our powerboat license, who wanted to drink a can of cold beer while taking a hot shower, who wanted to break out in song to elton john and blue, who wanted to maintain me in the OT, who wanted to see liyana's boobs when she is having her CABG done

He was a friend who wanted to do so many things. He was a friend whom I wanted to do many things with. I may be irritated with you and screw you sometimes but I wanted the both of us to do well. I hope you didn't mind. Take care wherever you are.

30th July 2008.

Thanks for the memories, Tuck.