Friday, June 30, 2006

Random Videos

Bird Flu hits Sesame Street..... poor Elmo...

Big Bird: "I was visiting my relatives in South East Asia....."

Dr M from our friendly neighbouring country complains about their new F-18s and talks about their new Russian MIGs.

""...(the) MIGs are given, are sold to us without any condition, if you feel like bombing Singapore, for example, the Russians are not going to object."

See why we need to serve NS? =p

Watch this
and this
Yang =)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

When the camera that my father uses for taking his construction stuff died, I knew he had no choice but to take the main camera that we've been using since I was JC1, and I realised that the auto-sensor is down!, its time to look for a gd camera. I guess Panasonic has the nice stuff inside thier cams. So...if you buggers use a panasonic cam, do give me some feedback! haha...if not, I gotta be contented with Bo taking the pics but he is no longer in my OG as promised due to unforseen changes..haha.. OR...use my camera phone which isn't the best camera in the world but at least gives me some pictures to look back what I've done at this part of my life. pic that I took at OGL camp..with some of the OGLs...

Downtown East Macs at abt 1.30am

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One fine day in NYC
Hmm whats that in the background?!?!?

Wait!! Is that who i think it is?!?

It's Spider-Man!!!

Swinging down from the buildings.... oops i mean crane

Where's Tobey and Kirsten's Chair??

Turn Left Turn Right

-Tuck's theory on why driving on the left side of the road is the correct side-

1.Most people are right handed

2.Hence it is only logical that you should be steering with your master hand(right) while changing gears with the secondary hand(left)

3.Hence the steering wheel should be on the right side of the car

4.Passenger in the front of the car exits on left side

5.Hence the car should drive on the left side of the road

Well i noe that roads have existed for eons b4 the invention of cars, but i dont believe they had arrows on the roads then;p

Monday, June 26, 2006

MMmmmm.... Cephalic Phase

Well instead of posting pictures of me standing in front of various monuments and structures, ive decided to do something different instead... post pictures of food... Mmmm yumm....

In case u didn't noe, i have a strange fetish for taking pictures of food.... just ask som and bong... they got to experience it 1st hand during our Aussie trip....

Steak and Eggs with spanish rice in a tortilla bowl....

Some kind of salad with lamb and Cous Cous(morrocan rice)

Cous Cous with beef kebab

Oh man i cant believe im torturing myself by doing this.... haha.....

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

True to TuckSomBong tradition, we have this compulsive behaviour to do things in threes, therefore the results:

Which House M.D. Character Are You?

You are Dr. Robert Chase!Although when Voglar showed up you were a right prat, youve shaped into the kind of doctor that most people like to have. You do care for your patients, and you have strong ideas, although you let House steamroll over you, on occasion.
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Which House M.D. Character Are You?

You are Dr. Eric Foreman!Youre not arrogant, youre just stubborn. You stick by your convictions and you dont let anyone tell you otherwise, not even House. You want to help as many people as you can, without treading on too many toes, and without compromising your values.
Take this quiz!

Im...... BACK!!!!!

Yesh after my long trip i'm back from the land of the free, or actually land of the really expensive IMO..... anyway here's an interesting quiz for all u house MD fans out there...

Which House M.D. Character Are You?

You are Dr. James Wilson!Youre a loyal friend, although maybe to a fault. Youve done a number of great things (hello, youre an oncologist; youre saving people from cancer!) but you are often over shadowed by your best friend. And being Houses best and only friend is no easy feat in itself!
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I always knew i was Dr Wilson.... anyway i'll upload pics when i get them transfered from my bro's laptop.....

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to Camp

Yes, I went back to Nee Soon Camp where I trained to be a Combat Engineer. Back to the home of the engineers, not because I was called back for ICT but because my superior or would I call my friend invited me back for an event. So happily, I met my 2 course mates at Yishun MRT station and boarded the 169 that I dread for the 23 weeks at Nee Soon Camp.

A hell hole while training but a place of memories, because it was AE day, I get to see all the tanks again! Woo... the crew were all new, the PCs all new, but the regular specs all remained the same, had a great time talking to them; really reliving what we did in the office 1.5 years back, complaining bout our screwed up OC (which I saw today and decided to forget bout the past things he did to us) and laughing to all the bitter jokes that we could come up with! Haha

Well, the officers too were great, met a hell lot of new officers who took over our appointments and continue with our screwed up jobs of commanding the men and the specs, really missed watching tv and going outfield with them. My biggest regret for army is that I didn't take photos with my guys outfield! Damm! Guess what, those cadets that I took when I went for brunei are all officers waiting to go ORD... Time flies man...

I think, these few weeks, meeting up with past classmates and friends whom I haven't seen for years really brought back many memories. Nice ones and of course the bad ones..but hell to the bad only need to know the gd stuff because people change and not everybody stays bad, although you gotta increase your guard when you speak to them, but I try my best not to hate. HAHA...Ok..crap..I think..wait for BO's pics for the US!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Right...we are waiting for one more person to come back to Singapore to regroup and attack again!

Right...when is he coming back?

Right...Scary Movie 4 suxs...


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Heyhey im back from Europe!!!...

Wad a 28 days!..

okok dun tok cok..some fotos first..

so u see im in Germany..

and in colosseum..

and in some random place..opps tt was prague..

yep cool rite this berlin again..:)

more coks coming up..stay tuned..:)

Yang =)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Do unto others as you would to yourself

Well so here i am at DC, as u can see.... near capitol hill.... finally managed to transfer some fotos from my cam onto my thumb drive so that i can upload it from the hotel lobby...

Seriously man, ang mohs have no taste in chinese food. I went to some chinese restaurant for dinner with my family at chinatown, and outside the restaurant were all kinds of awards from various american magazines.

But as it turns out, the food is really bad man.... the ban mian is like worse then the NUS sci canteen one.... so just a tip if u travel to an ang moh country next time.... if u want good chinese food don't look for places crowded with ang mohs... look for places crowded with asians....

Saturday, June 17, 2006

It was sunny saturday morning on 17 June 2006....

I was on the 6th page of The Straits Times and scratching my head, when I heard the usual nice saxophone melody coming from my handphone, expecting it to be a friend. I saw a weird number on the handphone and press the answer button.

I was greeted by an automated voice messaging service from MINDEF telling me I have a bloody message. In my mind...I was cursing and swearing and I knew that its...I have a bloody NS unit...

Thanks to the message... I'll have to prepare my darn fieldpack, every damm thing I have stuffed deep down into my duffle bag..argg... Wait for my bloody letter to come so I know whats my appt.

AHHH! WHY ME? when my friend are mostly in the waiting list..there must be a conspiracy out there and I'm out of my formation..dammit... I hope there won't be an exercise..if not I'll miss school... and I gotta study all my engineer planning stuff again..

But..there is one gd thing...hopefully it allows me to clear my ICT faster haha... and yes...let me smell the tanks and hold the rifles once again..woo.... Pardon me for being a little army crazy...right...

But the conclusion is still..DAMMIT...

Lousy Dryer

Well its 2330 hrs and i'm waiting for the damn dryer to finish drying my laundry so i thought i'll burn time again by randomly saying something here.....

Saw a Ferrari on the road today man.... next to some posh restaurant in DC.... must be one of those rich US senators.... can't believe i've become so interested in cars... must be the bad influence from leo and JP haha.....

But did u guys noe that to own a ferrari u need to apply for one? Yep even if u have got lotsa moolah ferrari may not let u buy their car... u need to send in your resume for them to scrutinise...

Can't wait to get back to SG to restart my running regimee man... all these burgers and fries and huge american portions are making me damn fat.... can feel all my arteries clogging liao....

6 more days man......

By the way if i havnt been replying SMS its becos overseas SMS cost 50 cents a pop.... so those of u who have been SMSing me.... watch yer bills man haha....

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Well here i am, blogging from the business centre of the hampton inn in Washington DC. Well to be honest i would have been able to post something earlier but my maggoty brother wouldn't let me use his laptop(not even for 5 mins) cos of his "Personal Stuff" which he keeps on it..... right......

Oh well thank goodness for the nearby chinatown..... i'm, starting to get damn sian of ang moh food. Right cya dudes in one weeks time.....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meeting up with friends!

Woo..without Bo in Singapore, the blog is virtually dead, Xy doesn't blog, Jp overseas and hell Wy also overseas! I'm so bored!

So..I was quite happy when one of my primary school classmates called me up last week to meet my form tutor with him and another of my pri sch classmate. It felt good always to meet up with people whom you haven't seen for years.

But, the ineveitable will happen as we were talking from 9pm till 1am.

Teacher: *John, you have a gf, *WT, you have a bf, so Leonard, what abt you?

Me: eh...NO...

Teacher: Oh! You better look for one while you are studying, if not you won't have the time to look for one when your working!

John & WT: breaks out laughing

John: I can introduce some of my friends to you.

Me: yeah...

Its some question everybody I meet will ask me, there must be some sort of comspiracy! Its not that I don't want to look for one, its because the right one hasn't come along and one very important thing...I'm still enjoying my life! Haha..I just like my life now and not yet ready to commit! Right...don't ask my that sort of questions again cuz thats my ans to it.

Maybe thats why I'm going to be like the man in the show 'The 40 yr old virgin'... lol..but thats the way dudes! Buy a big house and buy all the cars in the world..woooo! haha Right..thats it..

I know some of u buggers may think I'm a loser...but I just love it that way..I'm shameless!!!! HAHA
*names changed to protect if..HAHA

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Strange Feeling

Its been a long time since I had this feeling while doing nothing. I'm feeling scared and worried for no reason or for reasons I don't know! Doubt I'll sleep well tonight..but well..on to my day which was quite uneventful... but nevertheless worth talking about although its just a rubbish post..haha

Went out watch shopping with my jc classmate, WS... had a great time talking rubbish with him and of cuz talking bout some personal stuff cuz he is after all one of my closest friends. Well, guess what, watch shopping with Seng really made me want to buy more watches, as a watch whore...I definately would like to have a bloody range of watches.. Ok, now you guys know my secret..I love watches..especially chronographs and has gotta be them all man... And damm...I should have bought the citizen ecodrive promaster than my hamilton which cost hell lot but doesn't look as gd..but given a choice... I'll buy them all! the mood for watches again..

Hell...saw alot of good cars today, actually its just 2 but its enough to keep my satisfied.. Saw a chrylser 300 and a bently..too lazy to check up the models..but hell..power muscle cars... worth a drive once in a lifetime man... I gotta get hold of that M3 that I saw on the roads one day man.... I just love the SOUND of it....

Talking bout cars.... I know alot of girls don't understand why some guys love cars that much. Now, let me explain it to you. Ok, there are many pretty girls on the roads and some good enough to get me perpendicular, but no...NOT all girls gives me butterflies in the stomach, neither do all girls give me that increase in heart rate, not all girls will make me want to cry because I want to be with them. The list goes on..

But with a car its different... a powerful car..everytime I step on the accelerator, the adrenaline pumps thru my body, it increases my heart rate, it gives me that feel of fear rushing thru my head.... Every gd car will make you want to cry everytime you step on that pedal (in singapore, partially because ur wasting petroL) ...damm its gd man..... there is only one adjective to describe it... itS FUCKING GOOD! Right... sorry...I better calm down..I'm writing crap again...

And yes..met up with my army friend... who is going overseas to study soon...hell..I heard about the development of my unit and I felt damm happy.... sorry..I just love the military too abt the army..and I can't stop... right... u guys just found out another 2 things bout and army..hell.... but too bad.. I can only have one love and thats medicine... I don't think army and medicine mix well..although some do...

Ok...thats it... being told of my original NS plan was rather interesting..but all thanks to medicine..its no longer true haha... well..thats it..

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I'm wondering what my peers are doing this holidays.. I know lots have gone or are going overseas and some just staying in singapore to earn more cash so they can spend during the Great Singapore Sale!

Well, for me, I've gone overseas and guess what I'm just lazing around at home now, just like my post ORD days waiting for University to start. Guess, I should start on some readings other than medical related stuff to enrich myself!

Anyway! Check this site out! its an online music player, sign up for it and lets share our channels!

Monday, June 05, 2006

I think I've been posting a lot of angsty post lately, its back to the same old leonard who thinks too much and yes, always thinking that the world is against him.

Something made me realised that who and what I am today is largely due to the decisions and actions that I made and took my whole life and many making drastic changes many things in the course of my life.

I guess its these moments in peoples' lives where it makes one sit down and reflect what one has done to oneself (sounding like Peter Hwang).

Right..I need to calm and tame this beast inside me make wiser decisions to move ahead. I hope I'll not make stupid decisions again....