Thursday, September 29, 2005

So sad..... so sad.... it's a sad sad situation......

Nowadays..... it seems like the world is becoming a damn sad place man..... i mean if you were to go random blog reading its like 90% of them are all damn depressing. Ok lah it could also mean that all bloggers are like maniac depressive but its hard to tell unless u like go do some
statistical study on bloggers.....

Studies, CCAs, project work, family pressure, peer pressure, family problems, BGR problems, work, collegues, superiors, subordiantes, friends drifting apart, long distance relationships, illness, death......
With so many things to worry about.... i think sooner or later everyone gonna become kee siao liao..... next time arh... mental illnesses will become like as common as flu man..... of cos this also means that psychiatry is gonna be damn lucrative$$$ next time;p

People like always say you shouldn't run away from your problems..... that escapism is bad blah blah blah.... but wdh.... thinking too much is also damn bad for health man! Especially if its like some chronic problem... its like thinking bout it is damn useless lorh... not like its gonna help anything...

So if you any problems that you cant solve.... what should you do? Think? No lah.... Think so much for ****? You should go down to changi and go get yourself some protein man! some glycoproteins and glycolipids..... then after that you will feel all better.......

Or alternatively you can get yourself Tucksombonged until jialat jialat..... then whatever problems you have will just dissapear..... ( after all TSB means that you're gonna get high?=p)

So anyway since even Biochemists love songs...... here's an excerpt from a song from the monty python movie: The Life of Brian.... anyway most of you should noe the chorus thx to the addidas ad....

Always look on the bright side of life
Am D G Em
Some things in life are bad they can really make you mad
Am D G
Other things just make you swear and curse
Am D
When you've chewing an life's gristle
G Em
Don't grumble give a whistle
Am D7
And this'll help things turn out for the best
G Em Am D7 G Em Am D7
And always look on the bright side of life G Em
Am D7 G Em Am D7
Always look on the light side of life

Frankly, the brain is really a fascinating thing and I wonder how it really works somehow, random thoughts just come to you at weird timings.

I was on the bus when something just popped into my mind, I don't know how it happened and why but it got me damm pissed off. I am reminded of my previous OC that really made my first 10 months of officership like HELL. Can you imagine that he gets you into his office and scolds you everday for no particular reason? He just keeps harping over past mistakes and if he loses in arguments with us, he would just shout at us. Woo, so much for being an officer and a gentleman. I won't say how I dealth with him, but yeah, it was really a very bad experience. I really hope that our clinical years and house officership won't be so bad.

I mean, I don't understand, why do these nurses and doctors wanna screw us? Its really like we are gonna be a darn doctor in the end la and they should be there to help us. Especially doctors, they should train us up so we can take over from the in the end, its not as if they are immortals and they are gonna be around when we finish our training., those dumb nurses who think that they are high and mighty...never see the point that hey, we are gonna be darn colleages someday...

Its not that I've experienced this myself, but what I heard from my friends, it really making my blood boil instead of making me feel worried...maybe because it reminds me of my darn superior..

Remember...everything you do, you are interdependant on the people around you, so never give credit to yourself only when you get things done, thank the people around you. Even you think your mum or dad sitting at home didn't help you at all, you better think twice. They clothe and fed you till this day and age, and they gave you your darn pocket money...and they wash ur they did help u!

So next time, if you have the thought that 'every man for himself', just remember no man is an island.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Xiao yang's 2nd post on TSB!!!

ok its going to b a lame joke again..hurhur..hmm since when did i become the lame joke guy..

one day a group of researchers went to do research in antarctica...

so they were doing survey on this grp of 100 penguins...they asked the first penguin"在你空闲的时候喜欢做什么?"..

so the first penguin(Som) replied like.."我喜欢睡觉,读书,打floorball,说abunene and 打动动"...

yah as in 打动动 means play computer game..yah 打动动..

then they asked the 2nd penguin "你空闲的时候喜欢做什么?"..

the penguin(bong) replied.."我喜欢打球,踢球,读书,去怕拖和打动动"...

yah so its 打动动 again..hmm...

then the 3rd penguin(tuck) replied.."我喜欢跑步,泡bu4,...,打动动"...

then the 4th penguin(ah pek) replied.."我喜欢跳舞,唱歌,...,打动动"...

so they asked the same qn to all the penguins..

n from the 1st to 99th penguin all gave the same ans..打动动...

then they went to the last penguin but the last penguin gave a diff ans...


as in he didnt say he likes to 打动动...why?..

ok the answer is qt farnie n lame...hmm..

becos his name is 动动...............(OO")

Yang =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

This always happens when you marry
the wrong woman, right army boys?
Can't blame you all, you've been forced...
You think smoking this is cool?
Try this instead:
You definately get smoked out,
talk about 2nd hand smoke eh?

Why won't you guys believe me when I tell you I'm from



Woooo...Guess what time is it now that I'm blogging? Its hell 0110 on a freakin tuesday morning. I can't believe that I studied that hard today...and I guess its peer pressure thats keeping me going man... Too bad..slacked too much during the one week break and this is the only way of repaying the stupid debt...that is be a CADET all over again. At least, an engineer cadet..cuz life suxs at an engineer cadet..sleeping at most 4 hours a night...woo...luckily I'm used to it..if not..I'm gonna be like a lump of fat walking ard ltr in the day! lol...

Anyway...I guess I need some therapeutic treatment la...JUST PARDON ME CRAPPING... Thanks Bo for writing my top 10 most commonly used phrases..its just great! haha..I'm iconic la..freakin narcissistic here...I just love it..touch myself everyday! haha

Hey..seriously..I was thinking..other than patong..redang...there is one place I wanna go..and thats amsterdam...Eh..I'm not sure what you guys are thinking..but I think its a great place cuz..many things are legalised there! haha...thats all the therapeutic treatment I need la..

And..guess what...I'm celebrating my darn birthday suckers reading this blog..better come..I'll ask you again...and if u can't...just get ready..I'm gonna get all my ah long peng come and give it to you...If what I told JP today..I can't gurantee your virginity(for guys at least) OK..thats it..enough crap..I feel better..Gd stuff! Nitez suckers..Or more like morning dudes...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Top Ten Leonard-isms(aka stuff said most by Leonard....)

In no running order.....

10)Carry on

9)Chill man

8)Take it easy

7)Good stuff man

6)Abu nene come catch you!

5) What the F**k!!

4)You need more protein man....

3)Over the hills and far away....

2)Wah lau my face very funny meh?!?

1)Eh don't call me AP Tan leh.... i very stupid one=p

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Xiao Yang's first post on TSB!!!

haha first post on tsb oso dunno write wad..

hmm..i cant ramble much lah..u all dun c me kaobeh-ing v much in sch wad..then i cant tok abt relationships cos i um-um one..haha..u all oso dun c me bio-ing zharbos in sch wad..then i oso cant tok abt chimchim stuffs..u all dun c me chimchim ard in sch rite?..except mebbe um um smile lah..haha..

so..wad am i going to write about in my first post after writing so much? going to tell a chinese lame joke..

how come the fox always fall down?..


cos its v jiao3 hua2!!!(cunning!!)..


cos its v jiao3 hua2..(leg slippery!!!)...


Yang =)

Eyes are weary...Sitting infront of the computer swearing, 'What type of stupid term break is this??'

I can never understand why schools are giving students so called breaks so that they can study... If you need to study during this breaks..its not even called a break...just called it something more realistic like... Self-learning period. Perhaps it might just reflect more accurately what these freakin smart ass educators are thinking in thier sick, knowledge-loaded brains.

When I was in JC, I thought that this break thing only happens in JC, but not anymore. Education has became so important that schools are making even primary school kids study during thier holidays and guess what, parents just gotta make it even worse by...making thier kids go for tuition..hai..sick sick caught up with the paper chase... You can even see kids in public places in their school uniforms on sundays...its damm sad..I wonder what kind of childhood they have...

Gone are the days, where you can just come home and watch transformers or teenage mutant ninja turtles on tv after completing an hour of homework....students nowadays come home, bathe, do thier homework, go for tuition and then go for piano lessons..then some tv..or some story book..and then sleep...less than 6 hrs..then the next day unfolds again....*shakes head*
Eh...parents..touch your ur soul man...u want ur child to be some kid deprived of childhood??

Pardon my rattling...I'm just damm pissed off with studying..argg....where is the abunene that is suppose to come catch ME??!!!

My ans to studying overtime...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Salutations to all! This being my virgin post (both on TSB and on any blog for that matter!), I thought maybe I’d start out with something that personifies who I am, who I want to be, and perhaps most importantly, what the heck I’m gonna write about in future (all ye blog critics cut me some slack k! First time I’m trying my hand at this =P). This here’s a ‘meme’, some new-fangled concept (to me at least) that gets passed on like some ‘cyber-tag’ thingy. Some of it may apply to you; some of it may just be generic, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading it! Here goes…

I’m just the kid…

I’m just the kid who blurred his way through childhood. I’m just the kid who hated school ‘cause he never had friends. I’m just the kid who’d ignore the teacher and do his own thing. I’m just the kid who never studied for exams. I’m just the kid who yearned to be part of something more.

I’m just the kid who’s still learning how to fulfil his potential.

I’m just the kid who stood by his principles and values. I’m just the kid who got slapped by a gangster. I’m just the kid who listened to mum and didn’t hit back. I’m just the kid who lived like a loner. I’m just the kid who came out of his shell for you. I’m just the kid that got swept away but doesn’t regret it.

I’m just the kid who takes it all in his stride.

I’m just the kid who loves food. I’m just the kid who prods you to get a bite with him. I’m just the kid whom you commented ‘always eats two buns a day’. I’m just the kid who teases you bout a killer ass but doesn’t have one himself. I’m just the kid you thought was from ‘84. I’m just the kid who gorged at Chomp Chomp.

I’m just the kid who’s still gorging now.

I’m just the kid who pushes your buttons during lectures. I’m just the kid who loves playing the misogynistic bugger with the motor mouth from hell. I’m just the kid you said that ‘drives too fast and doesn’t signal’. I’m just the kid who tells lame jokes. I’m just the kid who read your hearts right first time.

I’m just the kid who finds reading body language a hobby.

I’m just the kid who drives you back when you’re sick. I’m just the kid who snaps stupid shots using his phone. I’m just the kid who snores in the library. I’m just the kid who croaked alongside you for busking. I’m just the kid who ‘sexed-it-up’ at K-box.

I’m just the kid who is comfortable around you.

I’m just the kid who liked you but smoked you for all it’s worth. I’m just the kid who gives up sleep if you want to talk. I’m just the kid who looked forward to book-outs to play pool with you. I’m just the kid who’s outlook you made more light-hearted. I’m just the kid who wanted your attention but didn’t know how to get it.

I’m just the kid who treasures it now that he has it.

I’m just the kid who’s been playing in pool parlours since he was 13. I’m just the kid who walked in to his first R(A) show when he was only 16. I’m just the kid who doesn’t give a damn for the rules if it is pointlessly restrictive. I’m just the kid who hates clubbing but somehow got yanked as chaperone. I’m just the kid you puked on while he lugged your drunken carcass home.

I’m just the kid who cannot appreciate his parents enough for trusting him with such liberty.

I’m just the kid who wrapped his dogs in towels for warmth when it rained. I’m just the kid who cried alone in his bunk when he learnt one of them died. I’m just the kid who used NS to escape from it all. I’m just the kid who realised how wrong I was. I’m just the kid who won’t speak of sadness in public.

I’m just the kid who doesn’t want to get hurt.

I’m just the kid who lives life to its fullest. I’m just the kid who doesn’t look back. I’m just the kid who is determined to retain his ideals. I’m just the kid who hopes you all will to. I’m just the kid who is grateful for all the friendships he has now. I’m just the kid who wants you to know he’s got your back whether you know it or not.

I’m that kid. Who are you?

Saturday, September 17, 2005

THE ART OF UM-UM NESS (or how to stuff the cat back in the bag after u let it out halfway)

Person A: Hey.... you know there's something that i've been meaning to ask u for a very very long time.....

Person B: (astonished look)What??

Person A: Sighz.... but i dunno if i should tell u leh.... sekali.....

Person B: Sekali what?!?

Person A: Sekali..... aiyah i dunno lah..... i dunno if i can trust u.....

Person B: You can trust me one lah! i won't tell anyone..... i promise......

Person A: Sure anot.....

Person B: I can keep secrets one lah....

Person A: Ok lah..... there's this girl i like and she's a fren of yours.....

Person B: (face lights up) who?! who?!

Person A: I dunno whether i should tell you leh.....

Person B: Tell me lah!! i can help you! =)

Person A: Ok she's ....................................

Person B: (excited / in suspense)

Person A: Aiyah i don't think i should tell you...... afterwards u sure tell her then she will avoid me like the plague liao.....

Person B: Won't one lah!!!

Person A: eh lecture start liao...........(proceeds to walk off quickly and briskly)

Be pepared to be annoyed / bugged continously by that person(esp if she's a girl) for the next 2 weeks or so...........

Friday, September 16, 2005


Ah...Just go back from City hall after having a gd chat with Bo and Xy at TCC. Well, it was a chilling session after a hectic week of crazy lectures and a stupid CB track FA. Well, CB.

On the way to CH, Bo was wondering why I had so much crap to write to write in this blog. I guess I have one damm gd explaination and that is I'm damm free and stupid cuz I got nothing in my head except for stupid stuff. (Sorry, I just love dissin' myself!)

Anyways, I was in the lift when I thought of writing this blog. I know this sounds disgusting but it feels so gd and tempting when nobody was around in the lift. I raised my hand to my face and extended my index finger and shafted it into my nose! felt so gd to have dried up stuff removed from your nose! haha...and I proceeded to fick it onto the floor! Damm, what the hell was I thinking???

Oh, then I though of some stuff, there was a time when it was published on the papers, that people who ate whatever they got it out from thier nose are happier people! And, and..this is even more shocking! They are healthier!! WTF?!! $#(@&*!# Thats damm disgusting, imagine the places we go and the amount of bacteria we have inside those pieces of mucus?! I won't wanna eat that when i come out from the anatomy hall, full of formalin and small 'CHAP' particles..Thats damm freakin disgusting..

Oh...regarding holes, and you people out there who really loves small ones..Be an ENT surgeon, you'll really love small holeS! haha...Oh..u know something? Why gays liked to be ANALED?? If you ppl don't know whats that, pls GOOGLE it...don't ask the ppl ard you..

Apparently, for guys, when u shaft something up your ass, you feel good because it massages your prostate and some shit that gets you feelin HIGH and gd... Its the equivalent of massaging the G-Spot of a female...weird stuff...I read it in the report!!

WTF...I'll never get myself analed...its painful and if you got piles..OUCH..but according to cures you of it..haha..Ok..thats it..

Leave you with a blog address, check it out for some doc humour -

Thursday, September 15, 2005

After FAs !!! Helloooo Break!!!

All ye' bastards have not been hearing from me for a long time on this blog.. so since I am a little high from the fact that BREAK is coming.. Ill add some crap to this blog....

Was having tele-Dinner just now as usual and almost choked and died laughing at this advert by panasonic.. You guys watch out for it... It starts with someone opening one of those drawer like fridges and tomato... capsicum starts jumping out of the drawer... it reminded me of teletubbies...leo might like it... and when it came to the cabbage... hahaha .. I wont spoil the fun .. its realli super lame.... theres even slow motion replays.. Go watch it

I have run outta things to say.. heres my fav cartoon/comic for your enjoyment..


I don't know why I got so much shit to say everyday! I'm about to go offline soon to strengthen my 'ah bu nene' muscle in my thigh. Its one of the most important muscles in your body because whenever your friends tell you something funny but it ain't really funny but your body says its gotta be funny, but your brain thinks otherwise, this muscle with tighten and you will feel a lot of pain in your thigh preventing you from walking. You just FEEL like DYING at that point of time.

But whats so amazing is that, it also makes you secrete a special hormone that has an effect on your body that has not been yet studied. It either makes you laugh, frown, or it just triggers a violent reaction in the muscles of your arm, to slap the guy. How the hormone is regulated is unknown and how it gives you the different actions has yet to be found out too! Weird SHIT!

Anyway, I was just looking at the pics that I took over the years, from my JC years when I was real fat, to my slim self in the army to my FAT self again in Uni, my facial expressions are getting from bad to worse.

I looked like shit in JC cuz my face was freakin fat! and I look like bloody yogi bear(wtf, I can't believe I'm telling the world this, but darn JC OG mates call me that) I think. Army looked a lot better...But I looked like shit again! CUZ I'm making all these WEIRD FACES!! Not to mention I'm fat again...looks like I need to diet and exercise like mad..gotta make an effort liao...get my body into action during the term break!! haha.. Ok..thats it man...Ppl who like my funny faces...hai...FUNNY MEHZ?? Not ma...

Ok..talking rubbish..thats it..

My Brothers in Crime.... TUCK SOM BONG!!
Ah...The days in green...So slim... my medicine friends..ORD LOHZ!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Toilet Behaviour

It seems more and more apparent to me that blogging is one of the only things I do when I get sick of studying. Like Bo said, ‘Blogging is an outlet’, but it’s strange that he doesn’t post stuff daily because I get sick of studying everyday! I’m not sick of it but the amount of work we gotta do in a day really kills me man. I wish I had like 36 hours a day instead of 24 so I could relax and cramp more stuff in my small like pea size brain!

Well, today started off as usual with one lecture and then we had anatomy tutorial. I was quite blur during the tutorial cause I didn’t really revised the day before and I’m definitely gonna die for my FA, no matter how much I study! Yeah, I did the complete idiot’s test on JP today and found out that he is half an idiot! Haha…childish games for stupid people….

Oh anyway, yesterday, I had a super active bladder man, keep going to the toilet and I was thinking bout weird stuff the whole of tue. So I decided to write something bout toilet behaviour! I’ve never been into a gals toilet but then weird things do happen in the gents and it’s rather scary sometimes.

Like there are dining etiquettes, there are also toilet etiquettes and its hell important to follow them!

1. When there is a empty row of urinals, never stand directly next to one that is occupied.
2. Never look at the person who is pissing next to you.
3. NEVER EVER look at the person’s d*** when he is pissing.
4. Aim.
5. Please god damm lift the seat cover up when u piss and don’t make a bloody mess.
6. Don’t walk around the toilet looking at people pissing and then…start to think if you should use the urinal or cubicle.
7. Its for u guys to add..

Anyway, I had some weird encounters man. And it was quite hilarious for some of them. Ok, there was this time when I had a stomachache at Raffles City. So I went to the toilet, and while I was inside the cubicle, there was this group of Caucasians that came into the toilet and apparently one of them had a stomachache too. So he went into the cubicle next to me. Then as I heard the ‘ploop’ sound, that guy started moaning loudly, ‘Ahhh, it feels so good!’, ‘PLOOP’, ‘Fuck, its so good!’, ‘PLOOP’ ‘YES! Ohhh….Ahh…’. All this while I was next to him la…and you know whats so funny bout it? Its damm freakin loud! Everybody could hear it! WTF!!!

Erm…the other was happened when I was in the toilet at some shopping centre, there was this guy, he was pissing at the urinal next to me, then when he started pissing, he closed his eyes and then placed his face on the wall and then started groaning. I was like, ‘SHIT!’ and then I was like praying that he doesn’t do anything funny and I was damm scared cuz my bladder was real full and I was talking hell long time. I wish that I had a tap to increase the flow man. But luckily that asshole didn’t do anything funny.

Oh…that this happened in NUS, wtf…I was in the urinal and then this old man came in. I was pissing la…then he stood at the urinal next to me when there was like hell lot of other urinals and then he started looking at my D***!! I was like ‘DAMM!’ and I kinda ignored him cause I thought he was gonna do it for a while only..but NO! He did it all the way till I finish and even after I finish, he still stared at my ahem even when I zip up…as I walked away, he was staring at me. I shivered and quickly left the toilet….

Ok ok..I got more of these stories la..but then its damm fucked up…I don’t know if you buggers are as ‘lucky’ as I am..but I hope always gives me the shivers when I think of some of the weird stuff I see in the toilet…


Weird pic...But nice..

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ah Gua

Yohz! I guess since I was touching on the issue of gays, it would be good to follow up on it about Ah Guas! Some of them look sooooooooo pretty...that you sometimes wonder its a bloody pity that they are guys man...They should be born anatomically FEMALE!!! With the angle.....Ok..F***...too much of lower limb already...

Let me fill you guys in man...when I was young, my dad would always drive my family around to all these weird places like a carpark along ECP to look at couples making Geylang to look at prostitutes and of Changi Village to look at Ah Guas....But I must say..Singapore's Ah Guas really cannot make it...Adam's apple so big..KNN..Hairy Legs.. Moustache... Wah lau that how to be Ah Gua?? Looks more like a freakin FREAK! But some are damm chio la..I had my grad night at ORchard Hotel suxs but yeah..its NJ's first grad night outside sch...and guess what..we saw lots of Ah guas...haha..around the hotel when we went out for supper...and yeah...they were gd la..there was this stupid guy asking us if we wanted to make out with Russian..gals haha...I wonder if they are really gals or 'gals' working for thier MOTHERLAND..

Ah...anyway..I went to Phuket with my army buddies in Nov last yr..before the Tsunami...and hell..we checked out lots of Ah Guas...and we went to the Cabarat Show! Let me show u ppl some pics man! haha

One disgusting fat one...NEXT!

This one looks better...

This two pics are courtesy of my 10x zoom! If you guys want to take vouyeristic pics..look for me!!

Thats my friend Gaston with some Ah Guas..he paid gd money for a lousy pic...

Eh..I took one with little amt of money la..damm cock...

The other Ah Guas along Bangla Street...the famous street full of bars suxs...Anyway..these 'gals' look pretty but its damm scary when u hear them speak...cuz..its damm low...lower than!! Eh..u guys enjoy the pic la..I see the pic..I think back..I scared liao...I dunno why I took the pic also..haha...novelty sake..maybe...

Oh...I just came back from a drive to Changi Village...HAHA!!

Eh...Bros...still interested in Phuket bo?? I think nice place la..except damm hell lot of ah gua la... can go check out... some massage parlour also... think xy like la.. haha...

How time changes everything................

The Original:
If you love someone,
Set her free...
If she comes back, she's yours,
If she doesn't, she never was....

The new versions...

If you love someone,Set her free ...
If she ever comes back, she's yours,
If she doesn't, as expected, she never was

If you love someone,
Set her free ...
Don't worry, she will come back.

If you love someone,Set her free ...
If she ever comes back,
ask her why.

If you love someone,Set her free ...
If she doesn't comes back within some time,
forget her.

If you love someone,Set her free...
If she doesn't come back,
continue to wait until she comes back ...

If you love someone,Set her free,
Clause 1a of Paragraph 13a-1 in the secondamendment of the Matrimonial Freedom Act clearly states that...

Biologist :
If you love someone,Set her free,
She'll evolve.

Over possessive person:
If you love someone,
don't set her free.

If you love someone,set her free
If she comes back her super ego is dominant
If she doesn't come back her id is supreme
If she doesn't go, she must be crazy.

If you love someone,set her free
If she doesn't come back blow her up to bits!

If you love someone,set her free
If she doesn't come back...
Ask the Abu Nene go catch her!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Free Your Mind(or some serious stuff at last)

Haiz.... wanted to wake up early today to go jogging at the beach and to take photos of the sunrise. But turned out(as expected) that i was too lazy to haul my ass out of my house at 6.30 in the morning and ended waking up at 11am=(

So since i couldn't go jogging in the morning well the next best thing was to do it in the evening and take photos of the sunset=p

One of the great thing i've always loved about Pasir Ris(i've been living here for the past 15yrs;p) was the fact that the beach is like 10mins walk from my house. Of cos the bad thing about living in pasir ris is that it's basically the eastern most point on the island.... so travelling anywhere can be quite a drag.

But then again, if you drive, suddenly everyone becomes your best friend, since on your way home you pass by 50 frickin percent of singapore;p and everyone wants a lift from you. Not that i mind of cos... but then again you can forget about ever ever ever ever getting a lift from other people cos well....... u live at the end of singapore;p
Of cos it would be really great to get a girlfriend who lives somewhere b/w the centre and the east of singapore(eg katong,bedok,tampines) since it would be a lot more convinient(and cheaper haha) to send her home.... ^_^

But anyway, one of the other great things i love about jogging(other then the fact that it makes u live longer) is that it helps you clear your mind. Sometimes... when you're stressed or just have a lot of things on your mind..... running helps you purge a lot of unhealthy thoughts from your mind. But then again sometimes the problems come back and u need to go jogging again to clear your mind again.(now THATS running away from your troubles lol)

But sometimes, when you have too much on your mind...... it's always good to just sit down with yourself and reflect on whatever you're thinking off, to really think through whatever problem that might be bugging you, rather then attempting to bury the problem in the back of your mind and let it bug you subconciously for the whole day.

So i found myself plopping myself onto one of those breakwaters(partially because i was quite shack after 3km:p) and just staring at the waves for like 10mins. Well but i was quite glad that i did that cos i've had quite some stuff bugging me for the past 2 weeks and being able to just think it thru really made me a lot less sianz-ded.

Oh well enuff of this.... time to go shower...... besides the lady downstairs singing some hokkien song is kinda driving me nuts......(there's a mooncake festival thingie organised by my CC btw thats why....)

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
and what's on the other side?
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
and rainbows have nothing to hide.
So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
I know they're wrong, wait and see.
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.
Sarah Mclachan - The Rainbow Connection

Thursday, September 08, 2005


A long long time ago....... got this siao char boh called Rita land on the moon. Then she want to hoot the earth.

Then arh, on earth got this guy called Zordon.... u never see him one.... just his big big face on some screen.... maybe he like some computer program...

Anyway this Zordon damn buay song that rita want to hoot his planet. So he ask his kah kia robot Alpha(always say aiyy eeiii aiyh one) to go recruit 5 siao geena to protect his "di pan". So Alpha went to find 5 siao geena called Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini.

So this Zordon gives the 5 siao geena this watch like thing that can let them trasform into "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"

This 5 power ranger can call upon this duah jia robot called Megazord to come fight for them.

Then this Megazord got one damn powerful attack.... use already the enemy sure die one. But basket they always anyhow fight until they like gonna lose, then they use their "ultimate weapon".

Then sometimes, if they lazy to use the big robot they just combine their weapon to fire some big big laser to kill the enemy...

But anyway later on got one new green ranger come join them... called Tommy. Actually this guy is actually Rita's kah kia. But they convert him to join their side. Anyway this guy damn funny one.... to summon his own robot he will play his dagger like a flute....

But anyway this Dragonzord of his is damn zai. His one robot is equal to the 5 robots that combine to form megazord. then his robot also can combine with megazord to form the Mega Dragonzord.

Then after this also got a lot of thing happen lah..... for example like the green ranger become white ranger blah blah blah...... but by that time i think a lot of people watch until damn sian liao.... so haha......

Gals and more gals

Looks like the blog is getting dry as we lose our fascination for the blog when we first started out. It seems that Bo and Xy don't really give you long essays bout thier life, but I do, well, thats because I'm an empty vessel and I make lots of noise (crap).

Ahhh, today is really a good day, for obvious reasons although there were some spilled over personal thoughts from the night before. Sitting in the canteen alone or with wenyang is a new routine I do everyday, cause you get to check out gals from other facs!! I think Bo should come earlier and do that with me everyday really makes your day a little better and erm...makes you live longer? (According to Prof Bay, ahem ahem). Lecture was good although I didn't really understand what the hell was going on but I had a good time talking to the people sitting around me, xy not included haha! And yes, after sch activities are interesting too, like floorball... the game was fast paced and well…gd bros will know what I mean!

Eh…going home was good too! I was on bus 74 and it stopped at Nee Ann Poly, and this damm HOT HOT(ouch!) Gorgeous gal came onto the 2nd level…but too bad she didn’t sit next to me…guess I looked too sleepy..but yes..she really looked damm good…but then..of course, never better than me..thats a fact everybody can vouch for…

Ok man..I’m damm lost already..I don’t even know how I should carry on with my entry..thats me man..I can talk but can write….Never mind I shall talk about my favourite! TELETUBBIES!! Haha..They look damm gay la..but then I guess they are cute in a certain manner but somewhat irritating sometimes. My stupid cousin was watching it every darn day while I was preparing for my A levels…and I can’t believe that I survived it… There was this big hype bout teletubbies, regarding their actions, their colour, behavior and of course..its association to the gay people.

I mean what the hell are wrong with gays..not that I condone them…but just leave them alone la..Like what Russell Peters said, they are good cause they can help curb the population! Its very easy to keep them happy..just give them some thrust and concern, strike them whenever possible and fill them in. Its damm hard to make them happy if they are pissed..cause they are super super temperamental! Worse than gals…

Ok..I guess this is enough. If not I’ll get caught, but this time not by the gahmen but by ahem ahem…thrusting males…and you all might not see me in school again!!

Love them? Hate them? U decide!

Life is never gonna be the same again, but you watch them, you'll be scarred for LIFE!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Life is dubious..........

Things are almost always never what they always seem to be =p

Monday, September 05, 2005


I was having lunch with my OG friends from medicine today and guess JC classmate who is also in Med came over..the only difference is that he is in Yr 3 and I am in Yr 1. I sux right? haha...

Anyway...he says I'm crazy! I can't believe that..haha...u know..people or more like Yew Sen tells me that Leonard always looks normal when you first know him..but then..he turns crazy after that..whY? I thought I was always the same? Wah lau eh...Since now Yew Sen reads this blog too..I guess..YOU are thinking too much! I think a lot of my friends think I'm the same la..and I don't talk a lot of cock right? I always make sense and I'm a darn big slacker... Yew Sen..use your right hand and touch ur heart and u know its true that I'm normal....

Hai...back to mugging...u suckers work too hard..I'm dying...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Well since got people complain that the view from my room at night is too dark to see anything..... here's another view from my room.... this time in rainy weather;p

*Yawn* rainy weather is so perfect for sleeping lol.......


At last, I can have some peace and quiet with the computer inside the study without my sister inside it too. Its weird, but the study is also my sis's room, its kinda a planning cock up by my parents when we shifted into the house. I guess, I won't talk anything bout teletubbies anymore since Bo wrote about the cartoons and it really brings back lots of memories. I really forgotten some of those cartoons that he listed! But my favourite is still Transformers haha.

I guess, the 3 of us really has a lot of time now that we can keep making repeated posts on the blogs daily. Soon when the workload piles up, we won't be chatting on MSN even! Ah...I don't know why but I am kinda distracted these few days.

Being sick and having a sniffy nose doesn't really help u in studying and thinking of random things doesn't help either. It just prevents you from sitting down at the table and allow you to read the book for more than 15 mins. I guess the dudes and wenyang can vouch for that cuz I keep talking in the freakin library!

Could it be other distractions so subtle that I don't even know about? hmm..I wonder man..but I really hope that I can just sit down and study real soon...cuz I just slacked 2 days of my weekend away...damm pissed..but what can I do? Lack of discipline maybe..its time to get it back..


80's Catoons rule!!

Lol all this talk by leo about teletubbies has made me realise that kids nowadays have damn crap tv to watch!! I mean teletubbies? pokemon?? wdh...... back when i was young *cough*cough* kids had quality cartoons to watch!! anyway here are some of the cartoons from the 80's.....
See how many u can remember=p

Visionaries (the one where they can project hologram from the chest one...)

Transformers(wah lau if u dunno this one......)

Ghostbusters(who you gonna call?)

Gummi Bears(gummi bears..... bouncing here and there and everywhere....)

Care Bears (care bears countdown 5,4,3,2,1....)

Smurfs (la la la la la la........ la la la la la...................)

Commie Talk!!

Hey, enough of all the SNAG and emo thing man. Its time for some commie talk man. I just love commies man! All the posters done when Mao took over China are quite inspiring to a certain extent. It reflected the power of the people at that point of time, although they didn't really had the power. But communism really worked for the people of China at that point of time. I guess many people in Singapore associate Communists to trouble makers due to what we learnt in our history text. But they are just a bunch of people trying to spread thier ideology to others, just that others are better than communism.
In fact, communism still lies in the guidelines and ruling principles of many so called democratic parties. You buggers know? LKY was actually a believer of communism at a certain point of his life.
Ok..better not say too much, if not I get caught man...blogging is damm dangerous and really gotta watch what I'm typing. Thanks so much for the promotion of freedom of speech eh. Really appreciate it.

Sheesh, I guess I've been crapping too much compared to both my brothers...hopefully I'll produce something more serious haha...but I have yet to say anything bout my favourite teletubbies yet!! So..stay tune..for the next post..MUHAHA

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Me?? A SNAG??(That stands for Sensitive New Age Guy btw...)

Haha since when was i a SNAG? I very sensitive meh?? *burbs loudly* And also wdh is a "New Age" guy? Someone who listens to Kitaro??
Aiyah i prefer to think of myself as just a nice guy..... so that i can always get best price=p

But since xy thinks that wah si very SNAG.... i shall post something snaggish then....

"What is Fate?"
It's doing the right thing, at the right place, at the right time =)

Thoughts after an Emo Nite..

Its kinda wierd cuz this is my first post on the internet. I never really figured out why people have so many things to say to the whole world...But this blog is Tuck Som Bong rite, so 1/3 of u know who has to write something if not its quite wierd.. Been 4 weeks of school so far... close to 2 months since we met our great OG at LT 29... thinking about it i was having second thoughts of going to the camp the nite b4, packing my stuff into my army book-in bag and looking at the checklist... checking if anything needs to be waterproofed in ziplock bags.. looking for my freaking L-Torch ( its a torchlight for those who do not know.. which is damn ugly and spoils real easily ), which I can't find and in the end didn't bring.. Packed in 6 sets of clothes as directed by the email, before realising its damn out of point as the camp is only like 2 1/2 days... Its the feeling of booking in for those who know wat i mean.. a little but like the day before ATEC or some outfield exercise... Malaise...

But the camp turned out to be quite fun .. met the OG which my life seems to revolve ard nowadays.. became Xueying by day and TUCK SOM BONG by night.... all worked out pretty alright... Sometimes i wonder what will happen if i do not go for the camp.. its how sad.. ill prob be a mugger by nite or something ... Now i cant mug at nite cuz i'll be stuck online talking cock with !LEO and !BO, releasing stress and talking about donating protein to Patong after not being able to come to a decision whether we want to go Yunnan or Myanmar... ( for those who are lost we are just thinking of buying lots of protein powder from GNC and donating to the poor patong kids so that they can get stronger and farm better ).. Listening to the resident SNAG !BO talking about romantic stuff and carparks and bridges .. hahaha.. .and !LEO about UM UM pple. ..

Always thought school life will be daammmn shiok…Only thing you need to do is studying and get good grades.. Doing things for yourself sounds much better than doing things for someone so that he can get the credit.. No more stress from superiors and no image to uphold .. no office politics to play along with and no subordinates bitching ard to worry about, .. But now realized that its damn stressful.. Most of it is self imposed …. So its LP PL ( R21).. Doesn’t help that some pple stun u with terms u never heard of even after u spent the whole nite reading Snell.. ( for those who do not know wat the Scalene Hiatus is .. pls go back to mug.. its DAMMN important.. ) Of course there are pple like Hanry, Liang, HBP and Steve to help us tide thru all these…

Realised I’ve been crapping a lot and have been FOD… thanks for reading this first ever post.. If its lousy then its cuz I had to retype it out from memory after losing half of it cuz of some cockup with my com.. .

Here’s to more posts…

PS : Have uploaded my Dnd photos online ... will get it in yahoogroups.. . Yangmehmeh.. if u want the full photos just msg me i send to u ...

Its weird....but this always happens when u take pictures with overaged people...(when u live in a world of M18!)

My fav new snack........................

I have a damn nice view from my room!!

Haha was chatting wif leo and xy today when i realised that i actually have a very romantic view from my window at night lol....
Cos when u look out of my window u see a canal, the park and then the fishing pond.
And when its damn late at night the canal sorts of looks like a river...
sighz so romantic.... too bad nobody to share the view wif me lol....

oops its morning.... looks like its back to being a student.. =(

Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome to our blog!

Eh seriously, I really thought that ArmUm would have did an intro of who we are before he even started rattling about the 'carpark of life' and about his 'points to ponder'. I guess, this blog will read quite amatuerish...but DUHZ..this is the first time we are doing it man. And hey...the 3 of us are hell special man..

Cuz...we are the 'you know who we are' gang.. and hell, we get real high when it gets past 6 in the evening! There is this famous saying going ard in school and that is 'students by day, and TUCK SOM BONG by night!'

Frankly, I don't know what this TUCK SOM BONG thing is about but I'm proud to be part of it...Ok...this is getting crappy...but we are just 3 damm nice guys and hell yeah...starting out on a blog...and of course, trying our best not to be vulgar...

Ok..I'll do a better job if sombody paid me..but..I'm just doing this for expect the worst standards!!!

Just a thought to ponder upon......
"Why do people want to get attached?"

On a lighther note though.....=)
Here's todays "Qian Bian Wen Da"
(which literally translates into Owe Beating Question;p)

5 people were standing under a sign when it fell down on them.
However only 3 people died while 2 survived.

*Hint: Brachius Plexus=p*

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Theory of the Carpark of Life

We are all driving around this damn big carpark looking for a parking lot....

Then when you see an empty parking lot from far you drive towards it and hope that someone doesn't steal your lot in the meantime....

When u reach the lot, got 2 ways to park.
1st way is to just chiong head first into the parking lot.
2nd way is to position your car properly, turn on hazard light and then slowly gostan into the lot and try not to buang your car/the car next to you.

Sometimes arh, you see a damn nice parking lot. But basket someone already park there liao. So u turn on hazard light and wait there and hope that whoever is parking there will leave soon..... but sometimes u can wait and wait and still no one come....

But even after you park the car, you must remember to put parking coupon. Cos if u don't put coupon the parking auntie will come and give u summon. Then you will be damn pissed...
Then horh, sometimes even worse. Like if you got no season parking then you go park the red colour lot the traffic police will come and clamp your car wheel. Or worse still they will tow your car away to the police station. Then u can really suck thumb liao..

Then arh, got some people after they park their car liao, they realise that they don't like that lot!(maybe because must walk damn far) So they get back into their car and they go look for another space(maybe they see got better space from far). Then some other guy will be damn happy cos now he got space to park liao...

Sometimes arh.... you see a damn nice parking lot. But basket it's parrallel parking. So if you not skillful enuff harh.... you will buang or scratch your car while parking. Then you really hoh seh liao....

The thing is arh.... you cannot drive around the carpark for too long. Cos sekali u drive until no more petrol liao, then the car cannot move. Then u see some nice parking lot also cannot park liao....

So sometimes, got people wait until damn TL, so they just pay money for valet parking. Nevamind what type of lot.... just park the damn car for me can liao.....

But at the end of the day.... you must remember..... Parking is always damn expensive!!(esp those in orchard road or downtown)