Thursday, February 21, 2008

4 Days to Pros!

Heyo. Havent posted in a bit yeah yeah i know slacky me. Anyway ;P Before i chiong back to COFM... Found this video online. Thought it was super cute. Go watch ... 20 seconds of cuteness. Okay fine ... if you get freaked out by wide-eyed lemur's dont sue me. Will be back to wreck more havok once the pros are over. Ciao!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Hardly! I was studying with my friends peacefully till some M1s came and claimed that they were using the room for some tutorial, but turned out that they weren't have some tutorial. There were many empty sem rooms, but they just had to have that one. Dumb asses.

I guess, I'm less angst than disappointed with what Singaporeans have to say about medical students wearing their labcoats in the canteen. First, I must agree, our colleagues did wrong by wearing thier labcoats to the canteen. Second, I doubt anyone of us wants to 'show off' that we are medical students.

After my CHP project and reading all those responses, I must stress again, I'm truly disappointed with some of my fellow countrymen. I feel STUPID, stupid because I chose a profession that allows me to earn less than $2500 a month as a starting pay, working from Mon to Sun, working overnight, getting scolded by angry patients, etc; the list can only get longer. To all those out there, not many of us wanted to join medicine because we want the money and fame. I'm not complaining that our pay is peanuts, because compared to the normal person out there, its really alot, but to those who say we joined the profession for fame and money. I'm sorry, maybe to a certain extent, we like any other human being living in an economical world with market inflations, taxes to pay and what not to pay, we need to care a little about the money we are gonna earn? If I wanted to earn money, I'll in something else, why work hard and earn so little? For your information, the yr3s are studying during the New Year break for our exams, am I complaining? Yes, I am complaining now because I'm questioning that if its worth it.

Most people expect doctors to know everything and to get every needle into the vein or artery the first instance, not possible. My dear countrymen, have you thought of the medical student who was there at your bedside asking you if they could ask you some questions or do some procedures on you. Sure, its irritating or painful, but have you thought of it, these medical students will be the very doctors treating your parents, you, your children, your children's children. You want them to make mistakes when they are doctors? You want them not to learn about your medical condition and not know how to treat other patients or your relative next time?

Compassion, what is that? People expect doctors to show compassion, but tell me; you sure that ALL Singaporeans have compassion? I doubt so, doors slammed in my face when I was doing surveys in Clementi when I told them to help me out because they are the last person I need to administer the survey on and I can go home early.

Robots can't work 24/7. They break down someday. So please, I'm only human, my colleagues are only human, we would like to save the world but we can't.

My friends and I ask ourselves everyday if we are going to be good doctors when we graduate, we ask if we are capable to treat the patients out there.

I'm disappointed, and I really wonder why I joined medicine. Maybe those questions I asked myself daily are no longer necessary and I think I joined medicine out of plain stupidity.