Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's finally happening!

Lol CAs are only a week away man...... looks like this week is really gonna be crunch time liao.... really time to start morphing into "chao zi sai ya ren" liao....

Haha even though the CAs arent even over i've already come up with a list of stuff that i wanna do during the hols..... ok i noe its kinda early but its never to early to plan right?;p

1)Learn how to play the bass guitar

2)Learn music theory (i'll have to learn this to learn 1 anyway....)

3)Attempt a watersport(anyone wanna try wakeboarding?)

4)Go for mambo night at Zouk to see for myself wtf its all about...... (handsigns??)

5)Go back packing with leo to australia where we will do a brokeback mountain

6)Go for a long trip with my family(last one for the next 6 yrs man...)

7)Lose another 8 kilos.....

8)Try iceskating??

Lol ok thats quite a lot of crap.... but im sure after the exams are over i'll think of more crap to do.....

And on a side note(again) ive been listening to Queen's(as in the 80's rock band) I'm Going Slightly Mad..... really reflects my mood during exam period man haha.....

Queen - I'm going slightly mad

I'm going slightly mad
I'm going slightly mad
It finally happened - happened
It finally happened - ooh oh
It finally happened - I'm slightly mad
Oh dear!

I'm one card short of a full deck
I'm not quite the shilling
One wave short of a shipwreck
I'm not at my usual top billing
I'm coming down with a fever
I'm really out to sea
This kettle is boiling over
I think I'm a banana tree

Oh dear, I'm going slightly mad
I'm going slightly mad
It finally happened, happened
It finally happened uh huh
It finally happened I'm slightly mad - oh dear!

Haha u noe u're reaching the edge when you start laughing to yourself halfway while studying for no rhyme or reason......

Monday, February 27, 2006

East Sides Massive

Lol last thurs b4 my Oasis concert i really had a hell of a time looking for an ATM machine.... apparently, within like a 5km radius of the indoor stadium.... there isn't a single atm!?!?!?!?!!!!
(the closest ATM is like 5mins walk from kallang mrt)

After that incident, ive come to realise that that area is like one of the worse places you could possibly live in(unless u happen to have a car of cos. But then if you're rich enuff to live there you could prob afford a car, but then again unless every single member of your family owns a car, someone is bound to be inconvenienced......)

Its like if u step out of your house you cant do anything unless u drive or take a bus. So even if u were hungry at night and wanted supper u have to take a bloody 15min bus to get to where u want. Or if u needed to go somewhere u like need to take a 20min bus ride to get to the MRT....

So then again what is the ideal place to live in? Well ive thought about it and here's my criteria...

1)walking distance of an MRT station

2)serviced by many buses

3)within walking distance of a wet market

4)within walking distance of a shopping mall

5)serviced by multiple highways

6)must not be too congested

Well considering the above criteria ive decided that only a few places fit the conditions... In the east you have Pasir Ris=p, Tampines and Bedok. And in the north you have AMK and Bishan.... and ermm in the west... oh lets not kid ourselves. The only good thing about the west is that its near amour camps and ermm.... NTU/NUS=p So as you can clearly see.... the east side is the best place you can live in SG=)

Well on another note ive finally restored my music library on my laptop.... finally i can enjoy some auricular goodness..... haha.....

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Beauty of Power Naps

Another term, another exam; think it’s safe to say that we all are feeling the heat Leo. You aren’t the only one getting white hairs over this CAs (heck I’m getting white hairs LITERALLY, which sucks lol…) so chill dude!

Newae, I decided to honour some individuals in this post, and how they exemplify THE BEAUTY OF POWER NAPS!!! There are some studies which report how efficient these are, and in this current exigent rush for more productive means of studying, thought I’d highlight this topic. =)

The basis of a power nap is that it’s short. Pure and simple. It doesn’t mean you lay down on your bed and snooze the whole afternoon away. At most 20min, so all those lazy buggers out there who love sleeping their lives away (including Yours Truly), suck it up and live with it heh…

Nadia's first debut on this site haha...

Personally, I found out that once I hit the bed, there’s no getting up until a few hours later. Nowadays all I dare do is rest my head on the table, or lean back in the library chairs (anat museum chairs are more comfortable some feel, but dear Mr. Gopal will be prodding you awake within half a heartbeat sigh…). Feels so good, better than coffee you may say.

I haven’t been taking much photos these past few months, quite sian with the same background everytime. Which reminds me: I hope we organize an OG outing, that night at MOS you were talking about maybe Nadia? But I digress… As I was saying, these dear friends of mine happened to experience a visit by the Z-monster, most recent of which is our one and only Bo haha… Lucky guy went to party at Oasis’ concert on Thursday, but he says it wasn’t old Liam that tired him out, it was our machine-gun lecturer who somehow completed 80 slides in less than 60min. Don’t blame him for knocking off, felt like doing the same myself…

Ah stress… Feeling damn shacked now from 3h straight of anat, time for a power nap myself maybe? Oh yeah, and can someone please join me in the library tomorrow? Very sian on my own... =( Cheers!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sheesh... Am I the only person to feel like that or is this feeling exclusive to me? I have this feeling that I'm really not prepared for this darn CAs man...so little time and so much things to study for..argg...suxs big time man

Guess, I gotta pray hard that is luck on my side..hai..haha

LOoks like JP and Bo posted some crap on the blog! And glad for bo that he got his darn laptop back..but minus the gd stuff...bo! need anything...call me man haha

Alright dudes..all the best man...I'm gonna go around making bets man..that I'll do worse...Serene..want another wager? haha I'll be damm damm glad to do is this time and I cfm win man! haha

Thats iT!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Somebody Save ME!!!!!......

Man i've finally gotten my notebook back.... but unfortunately the hard disk is gone(its been changed to a new one) and all my mp3s and dissection videos are gone man..... so sad sob sob...

Arghh really getting bogged down wif work man.... man oh man CAs are like 12 days away only... die liao lah!!!

And to top it off there's actually KE Orientation Comm meetings this week.... cos all the buggers from the other faqs having mid-sem break now... and their tests are over... man i think im gonna pon all the rest of the meetings until after my pros liao man...

Wah but talking about all that orientation stuff made me kind of sian man.... i mean seriously do u really wanna make 19/21 yr old people do all those sec sch and JC type orientation games again???? I noe i don't sound terribly enthusiastic for a OGL, but seriously... im sure there are better ways to bond when you're at that age...

And really some of the activities are damn turn off lah.... like TURNING OUT PEOPLE AT 2AM IN THE MORNING TO PLAY GAMES.... i mean WTFF?!!?!! Seriously lah if i was a guy who just came out from the army and u come and disturb me at 2am in the morning.... i will just tell you to go **** yourself and slam the door your face.....

And man im still not used to people refering to medical students as medics.... its like when people ask me "So you're a medic?" i can't tell whether they asking my faculty or NS vocation....

Even up til now... the word MEDIC still makes me jumpy man. Its like at one point in time i really hated people who had names like Derek or Eric....

From Far(muffled shouting): MEDIC!!!!

Me: rushing over to scene

Me(huffing and puffing):Sergeant!! what happened!!!

Sergeant(blur look):Hurh??? Medic i got call you meh??? I looking for sgt eric lah....

Me: ................

Yeah as u can see i've always been a little deaf..... arghhh back to the books man.... Richard is calling out for me.....

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Beating off the Stress

Arghh can't believe it man..... off all times my laptop hard drive has to die on me now..... so there goes all my precious dissection videos and mp3s and my only entertainment in hall.... arghh.... and to top it off, my sinus problems have caused me to get a URTI (upper respiratory tract infection). Arghh where are my T-cells when i need them??

Oh wait T-cells need 2 - 3 days to effect but ok nevermind.......

Arghh so now that i'm without my laptop for the next week u're not going to see anymore updates from me liao....

But anyway CA's coming up soon man.... woo and the stress is just gonnna build up..... so here's a few humor sites for u to maybe help relief some stress.....

This is a hilarious site where this guy does pranks on other people and even conducts weird experiments on himself just for fun. A notable prank is one
where he takes viagra in church to see whether u need sexual stimulation for the drug to work.....

What is love compilation
You've seen the original SNL video wif jim carrey.... now look at people's "remixes of this video....

Photoshop Phriday"
Here's a site where people take serious photos and edit them accordingly to the weeks theme to create hilarious photos=p

Friday, February 17, 2006

S2, 3, 4 Keeps The Penis Off The Floor (Warning: Don’t read this if you can’t take things clinically and humorously)

Buay tahan liao, been mentally shacked since this afternoon, and after anat prac I was seriously gone... Came home, ate dinner and tried to study anat; ended turning to Guyton in desperation. Then I realized repro physio could only be found in the notes…

Of course, I did pick up something of interest in good ‘ole Guyton. Wager it appeals to most guys; the reason behind wet dreams (but us being budding doctors-to-be, we should use the clinically-correct term ‘nocturnal emissions’ lol…) For girls you might just raise your eyebrows, but for the poor male teen undergoing puberty and in confusion… Yeah… Think he’ll appreciate this. =P

I still recall being smoked by this stupid gynae who visited my alma mater, ACS (I) some years ago. He was giving this talk on porn, masturbation, and its detrimental effects on our young psyche. Load of bull when applied to the general populace, how seeing gradually increasing grades of hardcore material could provoke ‘angry’ thoughts within our minds, ultimately leading to an actual act of rape or even murder. Fine, given that some serial pervs have followed this path, but: Most guys watch porn, most guys wank (in fact, 99% of guys do, the other 1% are liars), and most importantly, most guys don’t end up psychopaths. Anyway, some clown in the audience asked how wet dreams came about. Basically he circumvented the question and gave some crap response which left us thinking: If you wank more often, you won’t kena wet dreams (i.e. sticky underwear only occurs when you have to get rid of excess ‘baggage’).

Well thankfully, we have our trusty Guyton & Hall to see us through haha, came across this. Here’s the excerpt (hope it clarifies all you poor chaps’ confusion!):

Psychic Element of Male Sexual Stimulation. Appropriate psychic stimuli can greatly enhance the ability of a person to perform the sexual act. Simply thinking sexual thoughts or even dreaming that the act of intercourse is being performed can initiate the male act, culminating in ejaculation. Indeed, nocturnal emissions during dreams occur in many males during some stage of sexual life, especially during the teens.

So there, the physiological basis behind unwanted clean-up sessions. Hope no one is offended by this, if you were, I TOLD YOU NOT TO READ RIGHT? Haha, newae got to go back to work. Destressed liao haha…

Take Me Out!!!!

Woo just came back from the awesome Franz Ferdinand gig..... and there's only 2 words u can use to describe it man..... DUDE!!! SWEEET!!

Lol ok that's not really an adjective phrase but their performance really surpassed my expectations. In fact even the crowd exceeded my expectations.

1stly i tot i was early when i arrived one hr early at the indoor stadium. But when i reached there at 7 there was already a looonnng queue. Apparently there were people who started queing at 5!!

Yeah so anyway the crowd was pretty energetic and responsive, and FF gave a great performance too. Lol i guess rock music really has started to make progression in singapore. Seems not everyone listens to bubblegum mandrin pop liao=)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Perfect Woman's Body?
Before I begin... Lol Bo! Someone does sound like sour grapes haha... But take it from me, in Sec 3 I went out to watch a movie with my good buddy on V-day, and although since then I've been attached, V-day really is over-rated in my opinion. Else this year I'd have been one miserable sod right? Mel being overseas and all... So no worries about being lonesome on this day, don't be bought over by the commercialism! On a special note, we should all know who that secret admirer turned out to be right? ;) PRINT ANONYMOUS NOTES, DON'T TYPE!
Anyway, I'd like to know, what really is the perfect woman's body (PWB)? 36-24-36? (No Serene, just because you fulfill two of the three measurements with your triple 36s, doesn't mean you're close to the PWB haha) Big boobs, small waist? Or the new-age definition of beauty which lauds smallish breasts and ultra-thin waistlines?
won't let me leave space
Going by today's lectures on sex differentiation, guess none of the hoi polloi's criteria for the PWB really apply. Rather, so long as your internal/external genitalia correspond to your sex chromosomes, it suffices. But in this exigent I must protest strongly! Much as I really want to pursue a medical life fraught with clinical references, there must be SOME form of asinine criterias to fulfill!
Since it'll be no fun to define the PWB clinically, guess I'll define it my way: ANYTHING THAT ISN'T TRIPLE 36 OR THAT HAS A GOLDEN RATIO OF LESS THAN 1.0!!! Hahaha... Blog wars is restarting again Leo, but this time the target is random. ;)


Lol looks like Vday has come and gone and thing's are still the same.... *grousels* Haha i guess this may sound like a sour grapes gripe but i really do wonder.... how many people out there are getting attached for the sake of getting attached?

Come on man let's accept the fact..... nobody wants to be lonely,especially on Valentine's Day. Admit it, im right=p It's like as one of my single fren's told me on Vday, "Any one of you miscellaneous losers wanna join me for dinner today?"

But when u get attached for the sake of getting attached doesn't it sort of spell a recipe for disaster? I mean it's not like u really like the girl. It's just that she's single, relatively good looking and has a relatively nice personality. So basically she's the best choice available at that point in time. So what happens if a better girl comes along??

Haha maybe i just think too much..... after all people say that its just a relationship..... it's not as if you're gonna be marrying that person right? Oh well but personally i feel that there's just no point in entering a relationship that has no future......

Lol reading blog's about crappy vday's(written by single people of cos lol) at 1.45 am in the morning just sort of made me wanna blog abt this man haha.... well on the flip side i did get some nice chocs on vday=)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Eat Less; Study More

Guess this blog's readers haven't seen me post anything in awhile (kudos to my bros Leo and Bo, who've been valiantly keeping this blog alive!), and since Mel's flown off already =(, guess I've time to spend typing out a little something on another dreary medical afternoon.

First off, before I plunge into my topic of discussion, I'd like to openly thank my brothers for taking the effort to get a present and come down to the airport last Saturday evening. Really appreciated your support, especially since it was given so sincerely and without prompting too.

Okie... Just finished another 45min segment of renal physio (crap man, reading it again as though it's new; forgotten 90% of what we were taught). But before you buggers start getting excited and calling me 'mugger', I dragged on my nap for an additional half hour prior to my studies! Which brings me to my T.O.D.: Eat less, study more.

Aside from the immediate physio (everything's related to physio good grief) concern, whereby more energy's devoted to digestion (don't ask me for more, GIT is screwed la) causing one to feel sleepy after a meal, there's another aspect which comes to mind. Some crazy researchers overseas decided to try this test out, seeing how students absorb knowledge on either an empty or satiated stomach.

They found that guys study better on an empty stomach, while girls study better on a satisfied stomach. Guess I forgot about it conveniently when I gorged myself during lunch lol! WAs hell trying to concentrate on work and stop myself from dozing off... Should adhere to what the Okinawans preach: Eat until you're only 80% full. It's healthier than my present diet haha...

Shucks, more than used up my rest time, got to head back to physio... Argh... So stressed...

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Haha to all u buggers out there who are attached..... happy Vday's man=) So this is the day where people all around the world celebrate the concept of love(and where the jewellers and florists go laughing all the way to the bank=p)

Well so what exactly is love? Well it can be defined as "something stronger then liking", but then again how to you diferentiate b/w love and lust? ok i guess lust is about physical attraction, but then again when do u noe if its love or just an infatuation? Haha but anyway here's just my philosophical 2cents....

"Love is being able to wholeheartedly accept that persons faults and weaknesses" =)

Adam Sandler - Grow old with you

I wanna make you smile
whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice,
growing old with you

I'll miss you, Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold
Need you, Feed you
Even let you hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
Oh I could be the man
who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

Oh yeah and since we're on the topic of love...... here's an incredibly hilarious clip from saturday night live staring Jim Carrey.....
"What is Love?"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Devil's Cup

Ever heard of the saying that "the simpler the better" ? Well i guess the makers of this coffee clearly disagree with this saying when they decided to produce this "5 in 1 Instant Coffee with Ginseng and Ginko Biloba extract"

Well to be honest i was quite surprised to dicover that it's actually not bad tasting..... but the ginseng extract does leave a weird aftertaste..... but i've gotta say that nothing beats the KE 7 halls gao kopi in the morning=p

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Echo Block Lights OUT!!!!!!

Arghh its 1am in the morning and i cant get to sleep cos a bunch of siao char bohs in the room dirctly above mine are singing LOUDLY along to class 95. And this is despite repeated yellings of "shut the **** up" from other blocks........... since when was KE7 so happening man?!?!?!?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pain on Plantarflexion

Man ive somehow developed a lesion on the sole of my foot, superficial to the 1st metatarsal phalangeal joint, and its a transverse lesion, so everytime i plantar flex my foot..... the wound splits open.... not a very pleasant feeling i tell you man.....

Woo time really flies man.... all my juniors one yr younger then me are all about to start clearing leave man.... haha well everybody's time comes eventually=p But it really scares me how much time has flown man.... its like almost 1 yr has just gone by just like that... and the CA's are 3 weeks away!! Looks like its really gonna be crunch time liao....

And next tuesday is gonna be valentine's day liao.... and ive gotta say, with the exception of xmas, Valentine's day has got to be the next most commercialised event. Skyrocketing prices of roses, gift shops offering all kinds of customised gifts for that special someone...... Orchard road being insanely overcrowded with lovey dovey couples on Feb 14... i tell u the happiest people on Vday are the florists and restaurant people man....

Ok i guess this sounds like a angsty sour grapes rant from a single despo guy, but hey you cant rush love right=p. Lol but anyway i was thinking that on Vday that i should find a grp of single guys(preferbly above 21), and we could all go watch Brokeback Mountain together...... ok i noe that sounds damn gay but hey at least it will be a damn memorable Vday haha.......

Vegetables are good for you!!

Woo went jogging today when i decided to make a detour to pasir panjang wholesale centre. And the carpark there was like whoo!!........ mercedes, lexus, mazda 8s, BMWs (even got 1 M3)...... wow who knew that selling veges could be such huge business??

On another note here's a link to a hilarious parody of Lee Ang's Brokeback Mountain, called "Broke Mac" Mountain.....

Monday, February 06, 2006

Feeling the crunch!

Wow...I'm feeling the crunch man... work and more work piling up and gotta study for the exams! And..I'm getting more and more cortisol in my body man and thats so bad..that I'm gonna sit around my house and get fat! Looks like I gotta start working out as soon as possible..after I get enough sleep!! At least 1 hr more everynight..damm...

Can't the lecturers tell us whats gonna be tested in the exams earlier? They really like to keep us in suspense till the last min and let us rush our ass off...saddistic assholes...too bad..we are masochistic dicks that wanted to join the course...

Never mind..the art impromtu thinking and working under stress...all too well from a place...a memory so near yet so far in the distant part of my brain(what am I talking abt??)

Right...so ROCK ON! We can do it..its ONLY FIRST YR SUCKERS!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

101 entries!

Wenbo unknowing wrote the 100th entry on tucksombong. And guess what I'm writing the first blog in the 100s. Good stuff.

I must say that although readership is low (which I think is good, to steer clear of trouble) and our blog is worth zlich on 'How Much Is My Blog Worth?' Its still a place for us (I mean Bo and I) to write some crap and let our peers see how we think. We may look like goodie good guys but we may be punks, the converse may be true too. Its up to all of you buggers to detect it through our writings.

I was listening to the radio and Robbie William's 'No Regrets' was playing. After listening to the song, a sudden thought came to my mind. How can one have no regrets at all? Its almost impossible. I mean I tried telling myself that I will not have any regrets in my life all the time. But guess what, whenever I sit down and my mind starts to roam, I will just think of some past event that left me totally embarassed (things I shouldn't have said, shouldn't have done). And I feel like shit after that, I don't know if that happens to everybody out there, but it happens to me all the time.

I once heard somebody say, 'the day you stop having regrets, is the day you die' or 'the day you stop having regrets is the day you stop living' or something along that line. Yeah, itreally makes alot of sense to me at least. Maybe all of you should think about it.

I mean there are alot of 'what if' in our lives, I have always though, what if I didn't do medicine, would I be happy? What if I wasn't an officer? (always looked at the drivers and clerks and say..they had a good life) What if I did it this way, that way? It never ends I guess....too many what ifs to consider eh? haha

I know alot of you must be saying like, 'you gotta stop thinking bout it and let life move on'; yeah life does move on, but it just haunts you from time to time...and there is no escape. So, its kinda like oh..I felt stupid then and when I get off the bus, get off the couch, I forget it totally and allow it to haunt me again sometime, someplace on another bus, another bench, another dimension....