Thursday, August 31, 2006

Things to wait for in Sep!

Well, its 1st sep tmr and have you wish your teachers 'Happy Teachers' day'? If you haven't, do it real soon! But guess what, House Season 3 will be premiering on 5th of Sep! Woo! I wonder when will Top gear be showing...I want to watch them all haha...Right...this is the trailer for House S3, check it out man...its gd stuff!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Got influenced by Yang's one-liner crap. Sam and I are wasting our asses away (Sam's ass needs more time to waste away) in the COFM com lab waiting for the Dean's Office to come along with their feedback. Save us...

And before it gets too late, many thanks to all who made my birthday special on Fri & Sat lol... Took so long to post again cause I was frantically mugging to make up for lost time.

Enough crap, more photos...
"and now if you will all look at your computer screens"

lookin cool !

familiar faces having the time of their lives: "We love pharmaco prac! All should come!"

class in session????
Align Center

medicus-goober blogging =P

'& Friends' smsing away

Monday, August 28, 2006

Art Imitates Life
Complements 5b,6,7,8,9 combine to form the MEMBRANE ATTACK COMPLEX!!!

The Tyrannosaurus, Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabretooth Tiger and Pteryodactyl Dinozords combine to form MEGAZORD!!!

One liner of the day

"Virus is made up of a DNA or RNA core surrounded by protein capsule"


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Closing walls and ticking clocks

Well its sunday night and i wish that i could be writing that i'm blogging from my hostel room, but alas some things just arent meant to be...... which also means that i've got to wake up at bloody 0530 hrs tml morning...... looks like someone up there really dislikes me=(

Have you guys ever heard about the saying/believe that when just b4 u die, your life flashes by you in fast foward? Well i noe this sounds kind of morbid, but here's my theory on what happens when you die.

The whole life flashing by you thing, i feel, is nothing but some kind of synopsis/summary of your life. Cos unconciously, i think everone is searching for some kind of answer to the question about life, the universe and everything in it.

So when you're life flashes by you, suddenly its like watching Memento backwards(which is actually watching it foward), and sudenly all the trivial events in your life piece together like a puzzle to give you the big picture..... of something....

But then again if my theory was true many people's last words during they're final breath would probably be "OH **** so thats what that was all about!! *cough cough gasp gasp* silence *"

If this doesnt make sense to you.... don't worry it doesnt make sense to me either haha.....

Friday, August 25, 2006

Medicus-Guber's Bday Bash

Twas a long long day, filled with 3 long long COFM lecs and a marathon immuno session but the day was made that much brighter by the birthday celebration of one of our very own. None other than the charismatic Medicus-Guber alias Ah-Pek who had everybody within a 20meter radius wishing him well. May the old man have many many more birthdays filled with happiness, joy and the the company of great friends.

One worder: HaPpY!

Tired with all the partying and as he is not as young as he used to be, Ah-pek takes his afternoon nap.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thats it!

I think more and more people are finding out that I'm shameless and I'm a dick that goes around talking too much cock....

Ok, I need to be more serious, and yes, bloody hell, I know you people out there who really know me are laughing..but I'm serious... HAHA CHOU!

I doubt I can ever post on liners like yang...but well, this is the shortest crap I can get...

Get a hold of yourself LEONARD!!

And I just realised that the person who hasn't blogged for a long time is BONG...too busy with himself and his appendages la..

Urban Ninja!!

Okay I have to give credit to our local "trained professionals" who certainly have talents that I certainly dont have. Running incredibly slowly is the only thing I can do and unfortunately the last time I checked... that didnt really count as a talent. Anyway it was one of those wierd days where I found myself awake on the bus. Usually the faint rocking motion of the bus sends me into lala land much to the dismay of whoever is unfortunate to be on either side of me as my head plops onto their shoulders ... but once again i digress.... I saw this TVmobile ad and thought it was pretty darn cool ... until I saw a true Urban Ninja ...

And below you have the true Urban Ninja.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Bday!

Today is Serene's Birthday. Happy 20th Serene! And what would a birthday be without cake, friends and the company of tucksombong and co?

And here we have the beamish girl at with her delicious birthday cake and attached prezzie

"Mmmm... Chocolate ... *drool*"

The photographer apologises for failing to take more pictures as his chocolate stained fingers would have wrecked havoc on his poor camera phone =(. Did I mention it was a very very very nice cake? =P

Hikes with TSB & Friends!

That's it man... Berne & Levy just makes neuroscience more 'cheem', and Robbins has fried my brain cells. Need a break! Seeing Mel's asleep, ye poor reader will be subject to my bullshit.

Well, last Sunday Leo, Bo and I took a nice trip from Macritchie to Bukit Timah summit haha... Whole affair lasted slightly more than 2h, started at 0900 and ended before noon (even if there was a slight misdirection given that could've sent us in a circle! Must clarify it wasn't my fault lol).

A bit overcast at this point, from the top of Jelutong Tower

Seeing how much I enjoyed talking cock to two of my brothers, whilst sauntering past the golf course, the countless 'Sadarko' holes, etc etc, I was thinking, why not open it up to more people? This first time was just a recce (with me as a guide some more; those in army with me will know I'm good 95% of the time, the other 5% my compass PMSed on me hehe) but next time it could be a fun chance to catch up with people outside YLLSOM.

Taken with Leo's new cam (nah, just being a photowhore)

So that brings me to this rather informal proposal of a 'hike club'. I personally don't know more than half of my batch mates, which is a pity! I apologise if I scare some of you with a grouch face in the morning. But it's just a thought, some random activity conducted outside school, with anybody who'd care to join us. Close friends, friends, acquaintances, heck even those that we've never spoken to before!

Do not feed the monkey Leo...

Dunno when our next hike will be, but will post accordingly haha. Only problem is, aside from our beloved class rep JJ (who eerily seems to know all the latest updates on this blog), how many else reads our blog and gives a hoot lol... No matter anyway, we'll still talk cock, sing song, play mahjong just as well on our own! And if you're worried you're unfit, you've always got me to be the weakest link. =)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Come on....come on toshi...come on..

You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good..

Come on...

Monday, August 21, 2006

One liner..


You So Phat!

Looking around, you see that has indeed gained weight, 80.5kg to be exact, with the enterence of & Friends. Hopefully with this new expansion, we will continue to bring you more laughs, more excitement and more irrelevant but nontherless juicy tender details of the innerworkings of our dasterdly minds and our covert plans for world domination.

P.S. Congratulations to our founding fathers on their succesful clearance of their power boat test.

P.S.S. Medicus-Guber, as we all know you are senile, contrary to what you believe. Then again, if you did sell JJ to &Friends, that would indeed be a wise move, proving & Friends completely wrong about you being senile.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mid-Life Crisis (and some random ramblings)

I've had a change of heart; couldn't see the point of being called Ah~Pek anymore haha... I'm still too Type A (aggressive, goal-oriented etc etc, but hey I'm working on it) to be the epitome of an old man slacking and talking rot in a kopitiam. Why the heck be called Ah~Pek, when I'm still young at heart and far from senility? Why not be called something closer to home? Methinks I shall change my name henceforth to 'Medicus-Guber'!

It's very simple haha... I'm going to be a medicus (low khoon) and I made the unforgettable mistake of sprouting out my nonsense readings during one stupid anat tutorial last year. How am I ever gonna forget the word 'gubernaculum'? Sigh... Thanks to that I've been maligned as a super mugger when in fact I'm still struggling to be a guai zai and do constant work.

Anyway here's this music video of Ken Hirai singing 'Pop Star' (don't worry, it's not of some near-naked men prancing on stage like the Yatta! post last month haha). In my case, I wanna be a doctor. Even if I have to reread the same point over and over again just to retain it... It takes a while to load, so please be patient haha!

Firm and yet Bouncy

Well i'm camping in front of my com cos in an hrs time the bloody waiting list opens for accomadation and i wanna be 1st to apply being the KS person that i am....

My powerboat theory test is finally over, but studying for the damn powerboat test has driven me so crazy that i have decided to come up with my own set of TYS for the theory test....

Question: When do you sound one prolonged blast on your horn?
Wrong answer: When you want to overtake on the starboard(right) side
Correct answer: When you see chiobus on a nearby vessel

Question: When do you use your emergency red hand flares?
Wrong answer: When there is a medical emergency or severe distress
Correct answer; When the cooler is out of beer

Question: When do you call the port master
Wrong answer: When you need to report changes on the navigational chart
Correct answer: When you're bored and you wanna make prank calls

Lol ok i think that i've been spending too much time talking to Samuel Tay's fav charismatic student..... anyway to stave off inane borederm heres some cock videos...

One Point English
(courtesy of Pflug/Warning may not be suitable for younger audiences;p)

Salad Fingers(courtesy of chiongster)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Form Ghastly Keen

Well i havent been blogging in a while...... possibly because travelling back and fro from school every damn day is killing me..... shit man i hope that i can get accomadation via the waitlist.... if not i'm screwed left right centre liao.....

But the good news is that tucksombong all passed our powerboat theory tests man! haha..... now we're one step closer to being Captain Tucksombong......

Since i'm kinda brain dead now i shall just show you the cheap thrill value of the Anagram. An anagram, btw the way(in case you dunno), is a rearranging of letters in a word or sentence to form a new word or sentence..... so how about we see some anagrams of our people??=p

My name rearranges into "How Noble";p

Som's name rearranges into "Alert and On"

Bong's name rearranges into "Ugh I Oxygen" (???)

So if you're really bored you can go try anagraming your own name and see what pops up.... or alternatively you could try deciphering the title of this post=p

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ruminations Past Midnight; My Ideal Driving Experience

Woot, just got back from supper with the M1s. Drove back from NUS with Som; two identical looking Camry's abiding by the speed limits in the wee hours of morning is queer man haha... I would think one would sooner see two Evos tearing down the roads is a more expected sight.

Anyway it got me thinking, what would be my ideal driving experience? We all wow at Supercars, from the BMW M3 to the Koenisegg CCX, but is it really worthwhile to own and drive such a car in Singapore? Chances are you’d be caught in traffic and forced to crawl at a snail's pace. Ain't no fun in that... How about fast speeds; the thrill of gunning your engine to 5000rpm and racing down the freeway? If you really cared about cars, you'd know gunning it screws the engine; cruising at top speeds along the PIE is nothing fantastic either.

Nope, after my driving stint in Hokkaido (with a bulky Toyota Picnic), I've decided the ideal driving experience lies not so much in a Supercar, although I still dream of a Gallardo or the more affordable Lancer Evo, but in a picturesque surrounding with good company around you.

Singapore highways just don't hack it when it comes to looks; sure the many trees are easy on the eye, but there’s no 'wow' factor to it. Try and beat this image from Japan!

Now I've decided to work hard, get a decent sum of money beneath me, and when I'm 40+, go on a road trip around Europe. Rent a sweet car, and just cruise through the country roads with my wife/girlfriend beside me. But for now, seeing I have no money, I guess I'll just have to resort to my paddle boat and leg power to get me around scenic sights.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Hey, NDP '06 has just ended, and having watched it through the 'live' broadcast on TV, it suxed. I like watching the parade segment of NDP (in fact, its called a parade, of course, you watch it for the ceremonial section). Whats so disappointing is that they are using the SAR21 for the first time this yr and they didn't even show them doing the drills. Yes, some may say that they did show them doing the '
Feu-de-Joie'. But is the drill that ugly or are the organisers afraid of cock ups that they didn't want to film the GOH doing the drills? They just keep showing the bloody PC who can't even shout the commands properly. What on earth is the parade RSM doing? argg... lousy lousy

Ok, back to the main thingy that I want to say, but I think my brain cells ain't working at thier full capacity, especially when it comes to writing, explains the articles with lousy english is always written by SOM and SOM only. So, please do not read anything written by me unless you want to further worsen your english.

It seems to me that I have been having weird dreams these few weeks. Some dreams will be me sitting in my family car and driving it only to have all the windows frosted up and having a warped vision of the road, constantly having near misses and shouting loudly in the car. I know its a bloody dream but I can't seem to control it. Some other dreams are like a orgy of the people I've know all through the years and its a little funny although scary.. Its like.... some guy maybe like my pri sch teacher who looks like a lunatic running ard chasing my friends from everywhere?!!! Even my army peers are involved in one dream and they seem to know each other... WTF.. what is wrong with me???!

Weird shit right? I'll tell you more if I happen to remember all of them haha..or maybe I'll just wake up in the middle of the night and document what I've dreamt...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Nobody said it was easy

Well in case any of you are still clueless as to WTF Tuck Som Bong means..... this is the source, the origin of all your night terrors....

Thats right its from a Russel Peters joke...... i noe the Youtube dude spells it differently but hey, it's open to interpretation;p

So we are medical students by day.... and TUCK SOM BONG by night!!! So if it starts getting late and you see the 3 of us getting high.... time for u dudes to run and seek cover liao.... unlesss you're into SM muahaha......

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reporting Strength

*Sound of phone ringing*

Woman(answers phone): Hello?

Man: Good evening mdm. This is CPL Tuck requesting permission to report strength.

Woman(looks at watch): What time is it now?

Tuck(slight pause): 2210hrs Mdm

Woman: What time did i ask you to conduct last parade?

Tuck: 2200hrs Mdm

Woman: This is inexcusable. Gimme 20!!

*Long pause*

Tuck: Permission to recover Mdm!!

Woman: Permission granted. Don't make the same mistake again or you'll be signing 7......

Tuck: Reporting strength now. Total strength 1 present strength 1. All body parts present and patent.

Lips. No contact with anything else other then food.

Arms. Hugs x 3. 1st one with Da Siying IC No S85xxxxxy at 2000 hrs at aloha loyang terrace 2. 2nd hug with.........................

*end of report strength*

Woman: Carry on with the RO

Tuck: Routine orders for Mon 07/08/06

Duty officer: Me
Duty Spec: Me
Duty Ops clerk: Me
Duty Medic: Me
Duty MO: Me
Duty Driver: Me

Lol i got this idea from som while chatting with him on MSN.... damn cock.... sorry if you're a girl and you can't understand it....... haha...... maybe i should just get the original master of crap to write it hehe....

Ang Mohs into Oriental stuff?

Shit, pardon me for talking bout sensitive stuff like this but after much discussion with Tuck for a couple of times, I felt that I should post some crap bout this. Its fascinating that the ang mohs are getting interested in oriental stuff from the japanese, chinese, korean or whatever tribal shit out there squatting on the plains of mongolia. Its really a big change from the past where they are like xenophobic and hates all other races than themselves. But talking bout this makes me wanna talk bout Miss Japan Universe. Have they come to realise the great stuff bout oriental beauty? Shit, you gotta check Kurara Chibana (I know her name sounds rather weird, but she is pretty ok). All you girls out there loooookkk so pale in comparison (sorry, I can't type properly when I look at her photo)

Here she is:

Well, there are other sites to check her out on like Miss Japan Universe website, wikipedia and of course youtube!

Right, enough stuff bout her, if any of you girls or ladies who know me and have the patience to read this crappy post till this part, whats so good bout you all compared to her is that although she is pretty, but she doesn't talk cock with me la. You all do talk cock with me and of course listen to all my of course you all more pretty in some other ways la. But in terms of looks...cannot la..haha

Right, other than beauty, Tuck and I realised that Ang Mohs love to have chinese characters tattooed on them. For what? Check this cock website out that talks about everything wrong with Ang Mohs and the chinese culture. Right thats it for now.

There are actually more out there but a little too sensitive to talk about, so I decided not to post them to reduce the damage that I have already done. Whatever written here doesn't make sense, don't take it too seriously. Shit.. ok..


Lol i've been listening to a lot of Bell X1 recently..... seriously these guys are like the masters of haunt-rock.... the lyrics for some of their songs are like so bizarre and yet still seem to make sense.... take for example the following excerpt from their song "Eve, the apple of my eye"

If I had you here, I'd clip your wings
Snap you up and leave you sprawling on my pin

And here's another excerpt from the song "Lamposts"

I've been walking you into those lamposts again
I'd rather do that than let go of your hand

Unless you're that dense you've probably realised by now that both songs are about possesive lovers..... i guess the frontman of Bell X1 must have had quite a few bad experiences haha....

But seriously, i think that in all relationships everyone is possesive at least to some extent. Thats because IMO, true love cannot exist in a BGR. This is simply because true love is supposed to be unconditional. 100%. No strings attached. And "BGR love" is definitely NOT unconditional, considering once one side cheats the relationship is almost always immediately over.

So what then is 100% unconditional true love? I guess the best way to describe that is that of a parent and child. Because no matter how screwed up the kid might be, even if he's some sort of deranged serial killer, most parents will still love their kids..... well most of the time anyway......

Well but despite all that i've said about true love b/w a man and a women being impossible, i'm sure there are at least a few old ah-peks out there, all single, who have never been in more then one relationship, and who all share the same common reason of why they are in this state.........

Go figure dude haha........=p

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Random Crap

Man i'm never gonna have so much bloody sugar b4 i sleep again.... after last nights diabetes inducing session at Mennottis i had a damm freakin weird dream that i was undergoing a heart transplant..... and for some reason i seemed to be fully concious haha....

But the weird thing was that after the damn surgeon took out my heart, he did some weird shit to it and that put it back in. WTH?!? Seriously this is really ""cheat your money man"...... and i used to think that my old recurrent nightmares of being run over by a monster truck was bad....

But over the course of medicamp and float(even though i havent been going down for float that often haha but hey man i live all the way in bloody pasir ris), after talking to different groups of people, including those that i never really talked to until recently, i've come to realise that medicine isn't as peaceful as it seems haha.... seems that underneath the apparent sea of calmness lies more sinister things...... things that would make a tabloid reporter orgasmic....

Right then it's up to u to decide whether i'm just talking cock or actually warning u of eminent danger haha.....

Angsty me

Just go back from Siying's 21st birthday party, listening to Oasis's Wonderwall and typing this blog. The only best way to reduce stress is to play wonderwall on repeat and sing the song over and over again. Try it mates, its therapeutic, never ever try those weird shit that people are trying to sell to make you feel better (not even flushing your ass with weird fluids). Singing loudly and shouting is the cheapest way and best way to relief stress. Well, not to mention, if you are in the army or uniform groups, tekan the wussies till they break down and cry. (Usually, mentally will be enough to kill them)

Right, back to the main topic, I realised that these few days I have been angsty, even though I have been chanting the karma sutra over and over again on my bed for many days. It doesn't seem to make me feel any better; I thought that buddhism would make me a better person. It hasn't. (Actually, it did make me calmer haha and No I didn't chant anything)
Ok, deviating from the topic again, the main thing I want to highlight in my blog is that NUSSU is a useless student union. Tuck Som Bong, Yang and Ah Pek has talked about this multiple times but none of them have the balls to write this. Let me say it loudly and proudly again! NUSSU is a USELESS STUDENT UNION. It doesn't fight for the welfare of the students, they just support the policies that the university sets. I guess, almost every student that has dealt with the admin will say they sux big time. Rude, heck care attitude of the admin is the best a university ranked within the world's top 20 universities can have and they see no point in correcting or at least improving this flaw. Shame on NUS, not to mention NUSSU.

Ok, maybe I'm biased because I have not seen what NUSSU has done for the population of NUS, but thats because, they don't actually bother bout people living on the other side of NUS, the science, medicine and dentistry students. I seldom see them in action, have they made efforts to make contact with us?

Somebody from NUSSU, if you are reading this, don't attempt to reply me by placing some comments on the blog or complain somewhere that some dick from medicine is complaing bout something you can't do. Just bloody do it.
Right...thats it man, oh...'Step inside...' here we go again, banging my head on the wonderwall!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Half price pastries at Mennottis

Ready to Devour

Greedy Easties

Thats way too much sugar man....

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cars once again!

Right, its Som and I'm back after a short hiatus (medical students, don't think anat, I didn't come back from a short hole or foramen or whatever) from blogging because I absolutely have no crap to translate from my brain thru my thick skull out to my bloody fingers to type it out on blogger. Right, I'm definately not back with a vengence (ok, no link); there has been a report on the straits times recently saying that blogging is a form of narcissism. I guess it ain't as bad as my pri sch classmate angela who has like photos of herself on her camera in like more than a dozen poses (I think she doesn't read this blog) Well, I can't help but agree with them but thats Tuck la..I never liked people finding bout our bloody blog.

But it ain't true for the many people out there la, give these bloggers a chance. I know the sux but hey, they aren't the type of people who like put a counter on their blog and then monitor it 24/7 to see if there is a jump in that counter and if nothing happens procced to click on the refresh button every darn second for like half an hour. Although I do that sometimes (woops..)

Right...enough of that shit, was in sch today with my OG doing float, yes, my OG is doing those to claim that they did all the work (no offence to the OGLs). I know the other OG put in lots of effort but GUESS WHAT? THEY CRACKED THE BLOODY STRUCTURE TODAY! Yes, they cracked it and attempted to cover it up because THEY DID MORE WORK! Com'on, if you buggers are reading this, don't be so juvenile, its float and I know you guys are pissed with doing more work. But getting pissed and complaining bout it won't work, you are gonna be doctors, don't tell me you can't do the extra work other people are not gonna do? Think positive, I know you won't stand to gain from float, but maybe that extra work you do during clinics might just help you pass your bloody exams.

I think I have lots of shit to day after the break I took. Right, my OG was talking bout cars briefly today and they mentioned jap cars and they hate european cars. Oh my...thats bad haha..well, I must agree that jap cars are gd and economical, they lack class. I know european cars guzzle petrol but hell, I just love them..the sound..the guys won't understand haha..Its just the car...FUCK is the right word to describe how I feel now..(its a universal word anyway)

Ok..I think enough shit for today and any M1 caught reading this blog again will be executed. No discussion is allowed. I'm not part of the mutiny... its all Tuck's doing... he is unhappy that his gay buddy is taken away..HAHA

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

With no power comes no responsibility

Lol you know, everytime i jog past Wild Wild Wet(at downtown east) on my way to pasir ris park, i'm always surprised that it's still there. Why?? That's cos every bleedin time i run past it it's empty or near empty. Even on sat and sun, during both morning AND evenings..... so how the hell do they survive with no customers???

I guess the thing is that..... well pasir ris is just too freakin damn far for most people. The only reason why people ever come down to this edge of the island is either to book in to Tekong(haha) or to go to aloha loyang chalets..... nobody is gonna come all the way for a friggin water theme park..... fantasy island(remember that one?) was on sentosa... a prime estate.... but it still shut down eventually.... so how is wild wild wet suppose to survive??

To be honest when wild wild wet 1st came out it was damn popular. Mostly because it was new, but the other reason was that guys would go there to beoh bikini babes. Yes i'm not kidding.... i had friends living in chua chu kang who would jio me to go wild wild wet on the weekends.... such is the power of testosterone....

But eventually the char bohs got tired of wild wild wet and they stopped coming. And so soon everyone else followed suit and so.......

Just like last yr Downtown East had a pretty agresive marekting campaign, and it was actually rather successful for a while. To give them credit Downtown East is quite nice lar..... but as i said b4..... it's just too bloody far for most people to make the effort to come down to such an average place....

So how do you revive such a place? From what i've said earlier, the answer might seem to be to attract the chiobus back to the place, but the thing about women is that they can't be relied on. You can build Singapore's largest shopping mall in pasir ris and they will come.....initially.... but after a while their attention will flounder to some other place......

So what do you do?? That's right u screw attracting the chiobus! You just attract the red blooded men!! And what do men love? Well all men(well almost all) love 3 things. Sports , Booze and Women...... but since you can't attract women its only gonna be the 1st 2.....

So what you end up with is a sports theme park with dozens of microbreweries. But since this is singapore, you only need to have 3 sports to interest people. Soccer, Basketball and Racing. So you've got Soccer pitches, basketball courts and racing tracks for people to race all their zheng cars from Malaysia.....

And after you've had your fun, you can relax and down an ice cold beer at one of the many pubs scattered around..... of cos since this is SG, no racing after a beer=p

As for the wives and girlfriends.... well i guess we could build some kind of spa next to the site for them to chillax while their male counterparts enjoy themselves with other red blooded hot men..... haha oh man that sounds so gay.......