Monday, March 17, 2008

Following the hail of gunfire that was the release of our results, it seems I'm still in one piece. Woopie-do-dah. But in this time of rejoicing (for those that us are still alive and have 3 weeks of glorious June Holidays to look forward to, sans our dear JP of course... but thats another story), let us not forget our poor brothers and sisters in M2 who have yet to face the worst exams they would arguably face.

Due to their superior knowledge (Yes definately superior to ours... they averaged 80% for their patho CA and some dude in their batch got distinction vivas for all 3 subjects the previous year), somebody decided to handicap the batch by antagonising BOTH MT and OWY the Doorgods ala Gate Keepers (men shen) of m3. I'll not reiterate the tale here, which is probably legendary in its scope, audacity and sheer stupidity of the person/persons involved. Having seen more than my fair share of m2... let me just say they have my deepest sympathies. Oh and if anybody does find out who he/she is that ratted out poor OWY, I'll be the among the first to put a bounty on the head involved ;P (State of capture of victim would preferably be slightly bruised.)

It feels good to be still in one piece, to enjoy ones postings without having to worry about the sword of damocles hanging over ones head no?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fellow Orientals, we are so screwed!

You guys should check this report out. All the years of caning by your parents are gonna make us problem adults like coercing spouses into having sex.

Maybe all of us are problem adults.