Saturday, May 19, 2007

Woo hoo!

Yes... From Leonard... its always cars.. Check this VW Golf out man.. its really one HOT and FAST Hatchback...!!!

I hope it comes true... then.. yes.. I can realise the dream of driving a GOLF next to Jp's whatever car he is getting HAHA.... otherwise.. it can only happen in NFS Most Wanted eh?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wow I Love Surg!

Why do I love surg? Simple! Being the absolute slacker that I am (as most of you jolly well know by now) I'm the happiest person during surg sessions. Why? Cos we get brilliant and I do mean brilliant tutors that are either saying "Hrm, what should I be teaching you for CSFC ah?" or "I have 1 sick patient and 4 medical students, you decide whats more important" or "Since when was I supposed to take 8 students? This clinic only fits 2" and the Coup de Grace "I'm on my way now" and then doesnt show up. So seriously guys and gals if you think life sucks, that your tutors arent teaching you much, pls do take that short walk from the library and join us, where you will learn absolutely nothing at all! Fun yes? Oh wait in the words of an all so wise senior, here we learn to be "sanitary statues", scrub up and watch and don't touch the dark green things.

Haha. Gotta love CSFC. But I must say despite all the non-pale stools that has been flying our way, must say that medicus-guber has been a paragon of medicalness (if there's such a word. If there isnt, assume that this literary genius created it yesterday.) How many of us sympathise with the patients we see infront of us but don't do anything more than "Thank you sir/madam" after clarking and physically abusing the patient for the better half of an hour? Underneath Ah-peh's crusty, wrinkled exterior actually beats a fuzzy warm heart. Dragging his dear CG mates in formal attire (on a very very informal attire day) down to the hospital to counsel and keep a lonely patient company.

My Surg CSFC tutors havent taught me much, but I have learnt much from a CG mate.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

End of Wk2

Similarity of the last and the current post most probably tell you that I'm not really enjoying myself in the wards. I'm happy with what I am learning but I'm not happy with how we are treated. I guess, we are really treated like junk! haha. I'm fine with it I guess because I've been treated like one ever since sec sch haha...

So lets see, NCC, Sec 1 to Sec3, treated like shit, shouted by secondary 4 seniors in the face like we are deaf. Physically and verbally abused, its actually worse than army. As a CLT trainee, also tortured.

BMT, chao recruits, lowest rank in the army.

OCS, 'the cadet rank is not even on the rank structure!'

Commissioned as an officer, 'lowest in the officer corps, no power'

I hope I can take it haha..

Shit.. I don't know what I'm saying.. I'm posting it anyway... hecks.. haha